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7 Gemstones to Boost Your Positive & Happy Energy

August 24, 2020

Amethyst Pebbles

As advanced in medicine and technology as we are, we still don't have all the answers.  More so when it comes to your mental health, which is not always cured by a pill.  

Instead of using prescription drugs to numb certain parts of your brain, why not try other methods that you can benefit from.  Whether it's meditation, exercise, travel, health journals, or as we are going to talk about, crystal healing. 

Since ancient times, crystals are believed to contain healing properties that purify and cleanse certain energies in your body as well as the surrounding environment. 

Crystal Cleansing, Charging, and Styling

Think of these crystal gemstones like a spiritual air purifier system. It gets to a certain point that the "filter" becomes full and you need to either replace it or empty out all the "bad stuff" it caught.  

For practitioners of crystal healing, they cleanse the crystal in order to work at their maximum potential. 

Here is how to cleanse your crystal:  

Bury your stone in sea salt overnight, so the salt can absorb all the impurities locked within the crystal.  Another method you can use is to pass your crystals through sage or smudge stick smoke to release pent-up vibrations.

There are a few methods to recharge your crystal gemstones. The easiest way to leave the gemstone on your balcony or backyard where it has direct sun or moonlight. Another way is to bury it in the ground and let the Earth's healing powers restore the crystal.  This should take a day or two to complete.

Nature's way of wirelessly charging your stones.

Practitioners often wear these gemstones as a piece of jewelry whether they are bracelets or necklaces or simply leaving on in your pocket.  It is believed that direct contact with the skin brings the crystal to full power.  If you do yoga or meditation, placing the crystals over major chakra points is another popular method of crystal healing. 

Here are some of our favorite positivity crystals that are also fashionable:

1. Laguna Blue ( Sodalite)

This shiny deep water blue stone expresses confidence in the carrier. Sodalite brings out a person's self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-esteem.  It promotes intuition and confidence in one's judgment.  The stone is also terrific in achieving emotional balance. So if you are in a position of leadership in any sort of way, this is the stone you want to have on you. 

During your private moments, use this to meditate as it supposed to stimulate the third eye and help you find what you are looking for within.  Wearers of this stone tend to be more logical and have a greater intuition rather than impulsive.  Laguna bluestone can be very helpful in facilitating a career advancement

The physical strength this stone brings helps with easing anxiety, panic attacks, mental confusion, and fears.  

2. Rose Quartz

rose quartz

This pink glossy stone is one of the most popular stones, and I'm sure as you can guess, it is known as the love stone! Pink rose quartz is the crystal of universal love and marriage.  When you wear this stone, it helps you find a sense of self-worth and opens your heart to compassion.  This gemstone will help you balance your emotions, which lowers stress and brings you peace.  Rose quartz has a soothing energy that fosters forgiveness, empathy, and love.  This is really a heart energizing stone as it clears out anger, jealousy, resentment, and brings out the positive healing emotions such as empathy, sensitivity, acceptance, and comfort.  

Keep in mind, these are not meant to be used as a prescription, diagnosis, or treatment. This a spiritual and internal type of therapy that is part of a holistic healing approach.  

Often times, people are depressed, unhappy because of the problems of love. Rose quartz can heal the heart and promote healthy romance in a relationship.  It'll help open up your sight and mind in how you view people. And it will allow you to find how to love yourself as well. 


3. Amethyst


You can trust this purple gemstone to brighten even your darkest moments.  Amethyst is another powerful stone that brings balance to your life, especially during times of anxiety and sadness.  

Amethyst posses one of the most powerful energies to rid your home of negative influences. Chinese have used this stone for centuries. You will often see Chinese offices and homes decorated with Amethyst stone designs to bring good fortune as well as clarity.

This purple gem is a natural stress reliever that encourages inner strength, intuition, and spirituality.  It has the power to attract and harness positive energy to expel the negative charges in your home. 

Here are a few areas Amethyst energy provides: 
• Spiritual insight
• Enhanced Judgement 
• Honesty
• Peace and calming effects
•Deep inner peace when meditating
• Internal comfort
• Aids in sleep and evokes intuition. 

The amethyst is exceptionally powerful in removing negative energies. The protective powers of this crystal are believed to enhance intuition, inspire creativity, and help the users find peace and stability within.  
This is why the Amethyst stone is on our top list of positivity energy gemstones. 

4. Tiger Eye

Eye of the tiger. And just like the tiger, it has courage, strength, and confidence that radiates. This stone will equip you to deal with unexpected negative energy that may have ruined your day.  

This stone brings at the "Alpha" in a person and commands authority.  

5. Jade

Jade is a stone of fortune.  This stone stabilizes the wearer to be more patient, open to new ideas giving them the emotional calm in making proper decisions.  And because it has such strong forces to bring mental clarity, your body will also feel detoxified.

6. Citrine

Citrine is another fortune stone, especially in Chinese culture.  It's known as the merchant's stone.  

The color itself reflects and retracts bright lights bringing joy and happiness to the wearer.  Think of how children are with their carefree attitudes in life.  This is the kind of energy citrine shares. 

You will possess that kind of unlimited energy to conquer the world, but also bring in positivity wherever you go like a ray of light. 

7. Onyx

Black onyx is more of a protective stone, rather than a source of positive energy.  This mysterious stone acts as a shield to help the wearer retrieve their inner strength and protects the negative influences surrounding the environment.

This stone absorbs negative energy and seals it, which is why you need to cleanse this stone regularly.  It's also able to transfer the negative energy into lucky, fruitful energy that turns the situation around for the better.  

Throughout the world, wherever you look, in whichever time period, you will notice that every culture had crystals around. Gemstones were worn as protective amulets, and in later times as society progressed they were even worn as a form of expensive jewelry meant to show off the status of an individual. are great items as decorative pieces in the home as well as fashionable jewelry.  The stone itself carries a natural beauty, but it depends on the designer of the item as well as the decorator to bring out its full potential. 

What kind of crystals make you feel good? Comment and share it with us!


Guest post by WuwuLife

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