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5 Popular Crystals and Stones to Help you Sleep

June 24, 2022 1 Comment

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Nearly 27% of Americans are believed to have trouble sleeping according to a recent consumer report. While there is no exact science for obtaining a perfect night’s sleep there are many things that can be one to ensure that you get enough sleep every night to function at an optimal level. While steering clear of late-night technology sessions and cutting down on your caffeine consumption may do the trick, so too will healing your energy with crystals and stones. Of all the crystals that have been associated with improved sleep, there are five in particular that can help ensure that you don’t need to count sleep all night long.


Amethyst stones

Amethyst is extremely cleansing to the aura which is exactly why it can help improve your sleep. By filling your room with amethyst you will find your crown chakra opened. Your sleep will become deeper and more restorative as your brain waves become attuned to a calmer frequency. If you want to enjoy the full benefits of amethyst, try placing it under your pillow as this will amplify all its effects and have you drift off to dreamland in next to no time. Or you can wear the Amethyst bracelets that will circulate your energy throughout the day. Apart from enhancing your sleep, amethysts may also trigger lucid dreaming so you may want to keep a voice recorder or notebook nearby to document the journeys you take while you are asleep.



Marble iPhone Case

Marble has very strong metaphysical qualities that promote the calmness needed to fall into a deep slumber. Marble is also used to provide clarity to the mind and promotes a state of suspension during meditation and tantric activities. Surrounding yourself with marble furnishings and accessories will not only help keep you physically and emotionally calm but boost any artistic endeavors you may have. Marble can be very effectively used in Feng Shui by placing a piece in the central area for grounding. It can also be used in the 4 corners of your home to stabilize any concerns regarding insecurity or weakness that may affect you. On top of that, marble has always been a symbolic luxury material which is why it is now used in higher-end lifestyle products as well, such as iPhone cases, air purifiers, refrigerator design.



Whether you suffer from insomnia or are simply sharing a bed with someone who has different sleeping habits than you, not getting enough sleep can impact your well-being tremendously.  Apart from treating any serious underlying sleeping disorders and reaching a compromise with your spouse, making use of Lepidolite may prove to increase your sleep quality tremendously.  Lepidolite is known to calm overactive minds while also promoting joy self-love and gratitude. It will enable you to enter a peaceful dream state during your sleep which will leave you awakening feeling revitalized and ready to face the new day head-on. You can place the Lepidolite on your bedside table or even under your pillow for the best possible result and even carry a piece around with you for constant peace-of-mind.

Rose Quartz 

rose quartz bath tub

Rose quartz is a beautiful and special type of clear gemstones with deeply romantic energy. It encourages the bearer to be kinder to themselves and to others and gives off an atmosphere of love and peacefulness when placed in a room.

And if you often find yourself struggling to get a good night’s rest you may want to consider bringing rose quartz into your bedroom. Rose quartz is widely-known as a feel-good crystal that helps you to absorb loving and healing energy. It also promotes the necessary calmness that is required to fall into a sound sleep that will not see you wake during the course of the night. The pretty pink crystal also protects your natural energy by enveloping you in gentle energy of its own and is a superb crystal companion when you are learning to practice self-acceptance and self-compassion. If you want to ensure that you have the best possible sleep, pair your rose quartz with smoky quartz that is known to dispel any negative energy, making it easier to absorb the healing energies of the rose quartz. Or wear a rose quartz stone bead bracelet throughout the day to maintain the constant positive energy throughout the day.



Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals when it comes to boosting your sleep as it will not only clear but realign any of your chakras as well.  If you are feeling somewhat rattled when you go to bed, simply grab hold of your Selenite wand and place it under your pillow. From here it will work its magic, ensuring that you get a proper night’s rest. Sleeping with your Selenite nearby on a daily basis will ensure that you wake up feeling both balanced and catered and ready for whatever life may throw at you during the day ahead.

Next time you find yourself battling to sleep, reach for your crystals before you do a bottle of sleeping pills. Regardless of what sleep ailment you are dealing with, there is a crystal that will help you get some quality sleep every night.


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