Leaving A Lasting Impression Through Corporate Gifts

Leaving A Lasting Impression Through Corporate Gifts

February 13, 2022 3 Comments

Corporate Gifts

Leaving A Lasting Impression Through Corporate Gifts

If you ever wondered whether giving valued clients a corporate gift is a good idea, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” According to recent surveys, about 62% of companies give gifts, with attractiveness, durability, and utility topping the list of considerations when it comes to making the perfect selection. Showing you value your client in the new millennium is about much more than a traditional gourmet basket these days. Quality rather than quantity is key, as is giving stylish presents that reflect the individual tastes of your client. If you aren't certain, there are companies like Lapach to provide luxury gift sets that fits into your budget as well.

New materials rock

Around 840 million people across the globe use a tablet at least once a month, and your client is probably one of them. Smartphones are huge in as well, with a vast majority of adults owning their own phone and using it to make purchases and research.

Instead of the usual food basket or bottle of wine, wouldn’t you rather have a tablet or phone protector in a new material such as marble? This material exemplifies elegance and luxury and comes in various colors and styles, each of which dates back centuries. It speaks of tradition and novelty all at once - values that a discerning client will probably relate to very well.


Gifts can be fashionable

Finding the perfect gift involves putting yourself in your client’s shoes. If you know a female client has loads of evening events and soirees, for instance,

what gift could be more perfect than a designer handbag or clutch bag, made in an exclusive material such as stone?
Marble Clutch Bag

Men who love trendy ties or glasses, meanwhile, will enjoy receiving a trendy gent’s box, which can include items such as designer shades, a beautiful tie or uber trendy socks; if you want to go all out, why not add a watch into the equation?

Surveys show that a man’s wardrobe can dramatically impact his self-confidence, career, and love life, so why not give a treasured client a hand in these departments? Another lovely gift is a personal accessory such as an agate bracelet - as colorful as it is elegant, a nice way for business professionals to show they celebrate life and nature immensely outside a work setting.

Top Car Corporate Gift 

Make it about your client

Surveys show that items that have made it to employees’ ‘Worst Presents’ list include cheap pens, bad wine, cheap trophies, and gadgets that don’t work. Branded items are okay, so long as they have a real use. Forego cheap items, as well; they tend to make your client feel that you don’t value them.

Giving a corporate gift is about selflessly saying “Thank you” to clients and cherishing the professional relationship you may have built over many years. You don’t need to break your budget to send select clients a designer item, or one that clearly shows you are in tune with their taste and style.  Try to show your appreciation year-round, when they least expect it. This will help your company stand out and make it feel more like you are giving from the heart, not because you are expected to.


By freelance writer: Jane Sandwood

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Model Works
Model Works

September 13, 2021

Great gift guide thanks for sharing!

John Weak
John Weak

March 22, 2021

Wonderful article, thanks for putting this together.


November 01, 2019

Such a nice and beautiful gift to present for my friend.

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