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How to Create a Photo Wall of Past Board Members for your Association

November 02, 2022

board meeting

Associations and nonprofits play a very important role in the world and have several important functions. The board members of an association or non-profit are often what makes it great. They are important in making sure it runs correctly, is involved in doing the right things and so much more.

Board members come and go, but each and every one of them has an important role in the success of the association. As a result, commemorating them is the least you can do. One of the best ways to show off and recognize your board members is by creating a photo wall. But how do you go about doing so to make sure it is as high-quality as possible?

Without any further ado, this blog post is going to go over some great tips to great a photo wall of your past board members.

Get Board Member Approval Before Including a Photo


While putting up a photo wall of all past members seems innocent enough, it isn’t something you should just go and do. You should be sure to ask them if they are okay with their photo being on the wall. Many people don’t like how they look in photos, and might not want a photo included on the wall. Of course, you should be sure to honor these wishes.

Also, allow them to choose the photo you use. You could even set it up for a new photo to be taken. If a person is going to be up on a photo wall for years, you want to make sure they are comfortable with the photo you have chosen.

Consider Getting Creative With it

While you could just put up all the photos on a wall and “technically” it’s a photo wall, this might be a little too boring or plain for some associations. If you want to take it to the next level, you could consider getting a little creative. For example, using a service like Instapainting will allow you to get brilliant, hand-made paintings of your former board members or a photo editor from adobe. 

This will surely lead to a unique photo wall like no one has ever seen. Also, you can be sure your past board members will feel good about being immortalized and painted in this fashion. You have the freedom to choose how you want the photo wall to look, where it should reside, and how large it should be. So feel free to be as creative as you want with your photo wall.

Post the Photos in Order

While this is up to you, it’s a good idea to post the photos in order of when the individual served on the board. If someone served on the board from 1994-1996, it makes sense for their picture to be before someone who served from 2008-2011.The first photos should be the earliest board members, and going on down the line until the most recent past board members.

This will give anyone who views it a good look at your board members over the years. It will save them from having to jump from photo to photo to see who was a board member at which time. Another way you could do it is by name. However, that might be hard to keep up over time. Once it comes time to update the wall with new photos, a lot more will have to be done to move and shift them around.

Potentially Add Some Supplementary Information

Simply including photos and names of the previous board members is fine, but there is so much more you can do to honor them. You could include their professional experience, their interests, the contributions they have made or even a quote that is important to them

This will allow those viewing the photo wall, or even new board members, to learn and appreciate who came before them and what they were all about. Of course, if you have a ton of past board members, adding some information about them or quote from them

In conclusion, hopefully this article has been able to help you create a gorgeous and memorable photo wall for all past board members of your association.

Guest Post by: Ashley Lipman

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