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Why Use Wireless Charging?

January 28, 2020

marble wireless charger
The wireless charger has improved over the years as well as our mobile phones. It is now faster, easier and prettier to use.  
Smartphones are getting bigger, faster with larger memory capacity.  Our phones now are mostly built with glass. (Yes, mostly you iPhone users)
A broad conspiracy is that these are made with glass so that you shatter your phone and get a new one. In largely, it has also built a new business segment of mobile phone cases as well.

But in reality, the glass is meant for the wireless charging energy to pass through the phone so it can be charged faster. This technology is called magnetic induction, which involves these electrical coils to generate a magnetic field and powers your phone without having to plug a wire into it.

According to SurveyMonkey, people do enjoy using wireless chargers more than cords once they have made the switch.  In the early days, wireless chargers were much slower than the newer models available today and still required a cord to plug in which turned away a lot of users.  

But over time, the wireless chargers improved, they fit beautifully into your home decor, rather than just a cord dangling around. And provided the convenience of just placing your mobile phone on a mat without thinking.

emerald green wireless charger

Charlie Quong, vice president of product development for Mophie, said "placing wireless chargers in areas where people spent a lot of time — like their bedroom, car and office — could enable them to top off their phones more frequently by removing the hassle of plugging in."

It becomes very convenient because all you have to do is park your phone down and you'll get a charge.


Most people like to have it in their bedroom because you can easily place your phone on the nightstand or bedside table.
bedroom wireless charger

There are two types of wireless charging stations usually.  One is the wireless charging pad, and the other is the wireless charging stand. The pad you place your phone on top of the pad like the above photo. The stand you have it stand upright so the screen faces you when it is being charged. 


Marble Wireless Charger

The wireless charging pad has been really popular in the office. It fits on the table as a decorative desk item. And the idea is to quickly set your mobile phone on the charger whenever you return to the table.  Even though it's a matter of seconds to find a cord and plug it in your phone. But as a busy person in the office, that little part of nuisance is eliminated from your daily activity. 

There are plenty of areas that fit perfectly in the living room.  You can have one each at the end table, so when people sit down on the couch, they can just place their phone down and charge.  

You can also get a built-in wireless charger to install in your coffee table.

Some people like to leave them on a TV stand. I'm a lazier person, so my favorite place is next to the couch with all the remotes. It's not just the convenience and hospitable, but it also looks less tacky than dangling cords all over the place when you have people around.  

Another beauty of wireless charging is that it is a universal charge, meaning if you have friends or family that have different phones, you won't have to be scrambling to find different wires for them.  

The only problem is their mobile phones can't be over 3 years old. And if it is, I think it's time for an upgrade. 

Yes, there is still room for improvement for wireless charging technology.  But it is the future.  The vision is that furniture and appliance will have built-in wireless technology to charge our mobile phones.  The charging cords are just too messy and troublesome to use once you make the transition. And it's so much easier on the eyes as there are many different charging pad styles made with wood, marble, metal, clothe, and so much more to choose from.  It has become quite the decorative product of the home.
Hope this page helped you learn more about wireless charging.
Guest post by Mikey Wu

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