What Can You Expect from the iPhone 13

What Can You Expect from the iPhone 13

August 24, 2021

It feels like the iPhone 12 was released the other day, but Apple-crazes are already building expectations about the iPhone 13. The version is set to come out next fall, and enthusiasts are hoping for even better cameras, no ports, and, possibly, the Touch ID. While September doesn't come, we can speculate what perks Apple will grant us this time. Keep reading and find out more.


Work in Progress


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The best way to get clues about the next iPhone is to look at the shortcomings of the previous version. The whole iPhone 12 lineup is excellent. It supports 5G, has a stunning design, top-notch cameras, and outstanding performance. Gamers will be delighted with the phone's ability to run heavy games smoothly. Whether you prefer to play online slots, puzzles, arcade varieties or racing games, you can choose from a whole array. 

There's still room for improvements, though. Users probably expected more than 64GB of base storage, while some refinement in the digital zoom would be welcomed. Besides, it comes with no charger or headphones, which must be bought separately. Comparable Android models have a slight edge over the last iPhone in this sense.


Possible Improvements

The next iPhone is expected to look smaller, take less space, have better cameras, and have more space. There's a chance the new version will import the iPad's ProMotion technology and its 120Hz display for the first time. It means a much more responsive touchscreen for games and scrolling. A combination of fingerprint sensor and Face ID could provide an even safer ID verification.


The camera is one of the most anticipated features of any smartphone. In this sense, the iPhone 12 is already fantastic. Yet, it can get better. iPhone enthusiasts expect a larger sensor than the Pro Max version. Stronger autofocus and stabilization features are also expected. Additionally, it should also use the lenses in a diagonal setup for the first time. Improvements are also expected on the 5G modem.


What's Likely to Remain


Wireless recharging is one of the most stunning features of the iPhone 12. MagSafe is the technology that makes it possible, recharging the battery through magnets. Freeing the phone cable charges means releasing it from the last cable is still needed.


For this reason, there are rumours that the next version may come portless. Yet, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the time is not ripe for portless devices. According to the analyst, the MagSafe technology should become more accessible, which is more likely to happen in 2022. So, it's probable that the new version will still have USB ports.

Small Is Beautiful

The demand for the mini version of the iPhone 12 will probably tip the company to invest in an iPhone 13. The current mini version is more affordable. Moreover, it also has excellent features, offering an attractive cost-benefit ratio.


Conclusionapple store


As the excitement builds up, fans are getting wallet-ready for the new release. Presumably, the new lineup will cost about as much as the previous one. Buyers will have options of base storage, which will range from 64GB to 256GB.


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