New Limited Edition Marble iPhone X Case Release

New Limited Edition Marble iPhone X Case Release

November 09, 2017

With the recent launch of Apple's iPhone 8 and the iPhone X release, MIKOL will be releasing a series of new cases for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X as well.

We will be maintaining most of our signature colors for the new iPhones which can already be selected on our website. 

Below is a list of new iPhone cases we are introducing:

1. Nero Gold  (Available only in iPhone 7/8 & X)


This will be an upgraded version of the Nero Marquina.  The Nero Gold has the same deep black background with similar vein movements. Instead of white veins, the Nero Gold has a nice golden wavey vein movement for the more luxurious seekers. 

2.  Terrazzo Collection (Available only in iPhone 7/8 & X)

Terrazzo is our eco-friendly collection, composed of recycled glass, marble, granite, quartz, and so on mixed together.  This one is a designer favorite for its vibrant colors and eco-friendly aspect.

We started with 3 main colors: Cloudy White, Mystic Black, and Misty Blue


3.  Waitomo Ruby (Available only for iPhone X)

This is our newest design for the year!  This red natural stone is mostly formed at the mouth of hot springs or in limestone caves, where it forms different speleothems.  What makes this particular piece more unique is the glow in the dark enhancements we added in.   At night, the stone surface shines bright like stars while collecting radiant energy during the day from sunlight.  The design inspiration came from a recent trip to the Waitomo caves in New Zealand.  Our creative director went cave exploring and discovered magical glowworms throughout these caves that just lit up a path out.  

The experience was so memorable, he wanted to re-create this into our product design and share with the world.

Waitomo Ruby Glow 



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