iPhone 8 Case Design Release

iPhone 8 Case Design Release

September 29, 2017 1 Comment


The eagerly anticipated iPhone 8 and iPhone X have finally been announced.  It sure does feel like an eternity for Apple fans!

There has been much talk about the updated features of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus compared to the previous iPhones.  Then there is the 10-year anniversary iPhone X reveal! The iPhone X is built with state of the art facial recognition software and brand new all glass and stainless steel design that gives the new iPhone a peek into the future.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X is definitely the hottest smartphone on the market right now.  

Apple surely has outdone itself and amazed us once again!

However....there are some flaws as well.  I'm sure you have already seen people's comments about the drawbacks of the facial recognition software. We won't really know for sure until the actual iPhones are released though.

Another downside to Apple's new all-glass iPhones means it will be more fragile.  Going caseless is not the best option unless you are super careful with your iPhone.

Because of this concern, our design team at MIKOL has updated our designs of the iPhone 8 to protect your new iPhone.

We have 8 stunning natural marble stone colors along with 3 new terrazzo designs for the iPhone 8. 

Misty Blue Terrazo iPhone 8 Case

Terrazzo Black Iphone 8 Case

Black Storm Terrazzo iPhone 8 Case

Terrazzo Cloud iPhone 8 Case

Blanca Terrazzo iPhone 8 Case

Lastly, there is the iPhone X that will release after the iPhone 8 and 8 plus.  At MIKOL, we have prepared a very special and exclusive design for this new hit smartphone.  The designs and ideas were inspired by a company trip to New Zealand.   

If you follow us closely on Facebook, Instagram or twitter, you may find clues of what it maybe....

The first person to guess it or come close will receive a free case on the day of the release! Have fun!

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October 01, 2017

I can’t tell haha. Maybe the new design is based off the weather you saw during the trip, the seasons? Or for trips to the beach,snow? Depending on the environment you’ll be in? That’s my guess.

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