Iphone 11 pro

iPhone 11 Pro Hidden Features

February 09, 2020


Iphone 11 pro

The iPhone 11 pro max is one of the most popular smartphones in the market right now. It was released in September 2019, and just after its release, it became the best-selling smartphone. Apple launched some excellent features in it like its triple 12 Megapixels camera with quad-LED dual-tone flash. It is capable of recording videos with 2160p at 24, 30, and 60 fps. Here are some interesting and hidden features of the iPhone 11 Pro that you must know before buying the device.

iPhone 11 pro max

  • The first feature is Apple’s Hybrid power management. One of the most common problems with the iPhone is low power management after some time of usage. However, you will not experience this with your new iPhone 11 Pro. Apple has introduced a new hybrid software-hardware system that will prevent the phone from battery degradation, and you will be ready to enjoy the high-power management for a long time
  • On top of its power management function, it has increased wireless charging abilities. You can use beautiful wireless charging devices with the iPhone. With supporting models, you can wirelessly charge the battery by placing the iPhone face up on a Qi-certified charger. 

wireless charging pad

  • The Capture Outside the Frame is another great feature in iPhone 11 Pro. Most people don’t know about this. In this feature, the camera captures some additional areas outside of the frame so that you could use them while cropping or readjusting the photos.

iphone camera

  • Most of the people, when recording something in public areas, experience audio problems with the traditional phone recording systems. But with the new iPhone 11 Pro, you get a new feature called Audio Zoom. It will help you to ignore environment sounds and record the main audio efficiently.
  • Another outstanding feature in iPhone 11 Pro is the Aftermarket display notification most of the people don’t know about. This can help you if you are buying a used phone or you have done some repair from the local market. In the Setting app, you can check if the screen of your phone is changed or an aftermarket display is installed.

iPhone 11 Pro Cases

Buying an iPhone 11 Pro is not enough. Although it has a great design on its back and front, yet you can give your phone a better look by using our iPhone 11 Pro cases. We are providing a vast range of iPhone cases with different designs, colors, patterns, and stuff. When we talk about the iPhone 11 Pro cases, we consider the marble cases at first. Our marble cases are made purely from 100% genuine Spanish marble that will enhance your phone’s beauty as well as provide an extra level of safety and security to your phone.

iPhone 11 pro case

Most of the people, when buying the iPhone cases, prefer regular plastic or leather cases because it's widely available. But for the people looking for something different and unique, natural stone iPhone 11 cases is something that will catch your attention. Every case is handmade with a unique stone, and it will surely increase the look of your expensive iPhone. You can pick from a wide range of colors according to what fits your taste and nature. Since it is made from natural stones, it is guaranteed that no two phone cases will ever be the same. Lastly, every piece of stone has its own unique store that goes back hundreds if not thousands of years.  For instance, the famous Carrara marble has a long rich history dating back to the Roman empire. You can learn more about the history of where your iPhone marble case here

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