How to choose the perfect gift basket

How to choose the perfect gift basket

April 13, 2022

Australia has a diverse culture; hence every festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Whenever there's a holiday or event, gifts are the first thing that people buy. According to a survey, Australians spend around $19.8 billion on gifts each year, isn't it surprising?


Everybody enjoys receiving beautiful gift baskets because unwrapping many gifts inside them doubles up their excitement. Australian gift hampers are popular worldwide because they are unique, and most small businesses add their creativity to them. They are an ideal gift for any occasion, be it weddings, baby showers, or birthdays. Choosing them as a present for your family and friends allows you to be unique and creative and add your thoughtfulness to it.

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Tips for choosing a gift basket

With so many options available, choosing the best ones can be quite confusing. Keep these key points in mind before choosing a gift basket for any occasion.

Know the purpose

It is essential to remember that gifts are meant for specific purposes. For example, you cannot give a champagne bottle on a kid's birthday. Therefore, consider the occasion that you want to prepare a gift for. You should also give thought to your relationship with the recipient. If they are close, you can add personalisation to the gift, and if they are your office colleague, you can consider something moderately creative.

Recipient's interest

Identifying the recipient's interests in advance is essential. Instead of asking directly, which is impolite, it is preferable to inquire indirectly through those who know the recipient. Gifts are best when they are unexpected. The recipient might lose interest if they know what you're giving them beforehand. If the recipient speaks to you or someone else, pay attention to what they say. They might spill out what they desire. Giving someone a gift they didn't expect is the easiest way to impress them.

Packaging style

Different packaging options are available in the market for gift baskets, ranging from wood crates to paper trays. Packaging also determines the kind of gift and occasion that you are giving it for. For example, a gold-netted hamper is suitable as a wedding gift, whereas a wood crate hamper makes a more personalised gift. The importance of choosing the right packaging style is never in question.

Decide on a budget

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Christmas and New Year's Eve are the most popular events in Australia. An average person in the country spends around $1232 on gifts for these occasions.


It is best to determine your budget before buying a gift basket. There are two benefits to doing this- you will avoid overspending and be clear about what kind of hamper you want to buy.

Add personalisation

Once you choose everything for the basket, don't forget to add a personalised note for the recipient. It would make your gift extra special and let the recipient know that you care about them. If your hamper provider does not include personalisation, you can get it delivered to your first and then add whatever you want. You can later give it to the recipient yourself.


Hopefully, these tips will help you choose one of the best Australian gift hampers for your loved ones. Australians are very keen on giving gift baskets to their loved ones. The most popular types of hampers in Australia are- wine baskets, food baskets, baby essentials, beverage baskets, etc.

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