Why Your Real Marble iPhone 7 Case is So Light

September 20, 2016


We live in an era where life is wonderful, filled with an abundant supply of fabulous options. Whether it's food, travel, accommodation, fashion, tech accessory options and so on.

However, with so many options, certain products can become a bit of a blur to people. Think about how so many people compare "Coca cola & Pepsi" or "In and out and Shake Shack"?  Which option is better? There isn't a clear-cut winner.  

At MIKOL we strive to be different and stand out. There are so many fantastic fashion accessory companies that produce amazingly designed products. Each having their own strengths and style of course.

Marble and granite has been the base of MIKOL products and we continue to refine this natural stone material to its furthest possible extent.

We have a very special processing technique that cuts the marble to 0.7mm thick (which is about the same thickness of your credit card) and carefully reinforced with a micro fiberglass webbing to reinforce its strength.


As you can see, the marble is not only thin but has some flexibility to it as well, which is mind blowing to many people even in the industry.


Calcutta Marble Slab

Most of you are used to marble like the above photo: heavy, thick, cold, and sturdy.

So a lot of times when people receive our products, they think it's too light and not cold which makes them question whether it's real marble or not. And we love it! Why?! Because it shows that we are able to produce a product that blows people away! This is EXACTLY what we want you to experience! We want you to experience the difference of truly having a unique product.

By creating something unique and unheard of to most means we are doing our job correctly. Think about it this way, anything thick is going to be heavy, whether it's paper, metal or marble. Why is it that people are more willing to accept that a 1" metal plate can be heavy while 1mm metal plate will not be heavy, but when it comes to marble, the concept becomes harder to believe.


Only reason they feel it is not real marble is because they’ve never experienced real marble this way! The reason why marble is typically cold is because it has more mass to absorb temperature. But when you have the marble at 0.7mm thick, that mass is gone! 

And logically, who wants their iPhone 6 or iphone 7 to feel like a brick after putting on a marble case?

 Iphone 7 Case Marble

We are here to create value through distinction, by taking marble's natural beauty and aesthetic elements, while removing its flaws such as fragility and weight!

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