real marble magnetic wireless charger

First Real Marble Magnetic Wireless Charger

March 31, 2021

Do you want something simple but eye-catching for your iPhone or Android accessories? The team at MIKOL just upgraded the popular nero marquina wireless charger. 

Spanish Nero Marquina Marble Wireless Charger

Wireless charger

The nero marquina Marble magnetic Wireless Charging Pad can juice up your iPhone 12 or any Android phone wirelessly with a magnetic feature that connects to your phone easily. This magnetic wireless charging pad is Qi-Certified and meets the Apple and Samsung Fast Charging standard. It has a full 15-watt fast charging output. It's also half the size of the previous generation. 


  • Real Spanish marble to guarantee every charger is unique and paired with Qi wireless charging technology
  • No need to remove most cases when charging
  • Material: real marble+ Aluminum base
  • Size:58*6.5mm( Ultra Thin Portable)
  • Net Weight:60g
  • Power: 5W/7.5W/10/15W (Widely support PD QC)
  • Certifications: CE,ROHS, FCC

magnetic wireless charger

 Since it's made with real marble, there will never be two pieces ever the same. The marble is surrounded with a sleek black aluminum chassis that fits perfectly into your home or office environment. 
Simply place your wireless charging enabled iPhone and Android smartphone on the pad for hassle-free wireless charging. If you have a newer model of iPhone 12, then the magnetic design will simply latch onto your iPhone to charge.
And with the new design being smaller and slimmer, you can easily pack this charger with you on the go when you travel or run to your favorite coffee shop.
nero marquina wireless charger

The non-slip surface offers a stable and secure Qi wireless charging platform for your smartphone.  You can even charge your smartphone without the need to remove your case, with the exception of metal/magnetic cases due to electromagnetic interference.

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