Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoor Lovers

November 18, 2020


With Christmas rapidly approaching, now is the right time to find gifts for everyone around you. From your partner and your kids to your best friends and your work buddies – everyone’s expecting a gift or two! But, since these are the people you care about, you can’t just buy any random gift you find. And if you’re surrounded by nature lovers who prefer spending as much time in the open as possible, finding the right Christmas gift can be rather hard. Therefore, here are five suggestions that might work for you and help you make your decision.

Picnic accessories

Spending time in the open isn’t just about walking, hiking, and exploring nature – it’s also about having a few outdoor picnics as well! It’s always more enjoyable to eat and drink when you’re outside, which is why so many nature lovers love taking their favorite food and drinks with them when heading outside. But, do they have all the necessary accessories as well?

Well, this is where you come into play! Giving them a few things they’re going to need when throwing an outdoor picnic – from an amazing coffee thermos to those useful wheat straws that are both extremely practical and eco-friendly – is a great idea. Moreover, this is a sure way to get invited to their outdoor picnics, so it’s a win-win scenario for you as well!

Safety gadgets

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you’re going, and how much experience you have hiking in the open – you need to be protected and stay safe at all times! This is particularly important if you like spending the night in the open as well, and with all those wild animals lurking around, being safe is a must.

That’s why all outdoor lovers need a protection knife, so a functional OTF knife might be just the thing they need. These knives are automatic, which means they open quickly and all those outdoor lovers around won’t be wasting time in case something bad happens. This knife is a smart and practical gift that can mean a lot in certain situations, so don’t be afraid to buy yourself one as well!

Tents and sleeping bags

winter camping

Speaking of spending the night in the open, here are two more things people who plan on doing that are going to need. Regardless of the season, nights in the open are always cold and you need to stay warm if you want to be able to sleep and make the most of all the benefits being in the open has on your mental health.

That’s why useful tents or comfortable sleeping bags are among the best Christmas gifts all nature lovers are going to adore. These things come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the right model shouldn’t be too hard. What’s even better is that this gift will show the people around you how supportive of their life choices you are, and that’s a nice gesture.

Outdoor entertainment

Winter gathering

No matter how exciting and fun being in the open is, you could always use an idea or two that will help you pass the time. All those activities and games depend on where you, what the season is, and how adventurous you are.

Some of the most popular outdoor activities include swimming, rock climbing, and hiking, so buying some of the accessories needed for these activities could be the best thing to do. Or you can just stick to basics and buy your outdoor-loving friends and family members a visually appealing deck of cards that will provide them hours and hours of outdoor entertainment. And since these cards are made with marble, they’ll last for years to come!

New hiking boots

In the end, this might be the most practical and thoughtful Christmas present for all those people who love being in the open more than the rest of us. Whether they like hiking or not, having a warm pair of boots will make a huge difference in their lives, and that’s why this gift isn’t just considerate, but also very useful at the same time.

What’s great, though, is that you can find different types of boots and various models that will work for anyone you’re buying gifts for. Making this choice shouldn’t be too hard, so just make sure you’ve found the right colors, sizes, and materials.


Picking Christmas presents for other people is never easy, but if you stick to these five suggestions, you’ll waste less time and energy and still end up buying the most perfect gift in the world!

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