3 Main Mental Benefits Being Out in Nature

July 28, 2016

Spending Time In Nature increases Mental Health, Kindness And Generosity 

Nature Hike


Research has been shown in Japan, Finland, and Texas that people who took walks or were shown images of nature were found to have a natural decline in heart rate.  

We all know that exercise improves health and releases endorphins which allows us to be happier.  And nature has the calming effect that helps reduce stress levels as well.  

If nature has the ability to relieve some of the stress we carry, then generosity and kindness should be right behind that.  

Think about the times you were stressed and agitated.  You might recall it being difficult to be calm and collected.  On top of that, whether it was friends or family, you may have been ver snappy about something they said without even realizing it.  

In these circumstances, many with higher emotional control know to leave the house and go for a walk to cool down.  That walk is generally around the neighborhood in a more nature environment.

In a trust and generosity measurement study from the University of California found that people who viewed images of beautiful nature acted more trusting and kind than others that weren't shown nature photos. 

There is a reason why people in cities are always viewed as standoffish.  City people are always walking around massive buildings and crowded streets.  When I lived in Beijing, China, I personally felt more easily agitated than when I was spending time back home in California with far less people and much more of a nature scene.

Our creative director often enjoys outdoor nature areas whether in the bay area hiking, surfing, abalone diving or further out in South America, Asia, and so on for longer hikes.  A photo of the Salkantay trail in Peru that he recently went on.  Not only does it help him gather his thoughts, relieves stress, but it also helps with his creativity.  

Peru Hike

For more fun pictures of our creative director, you can follow him on instagram @wuwulife

In summary, being out in nature can greatly improve your mental health and improve kindness and generosity.

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