Be Creative! 10 Unique Gifts for a Special Someone

Be Creative! 10 Unique Gifts for a Special Someone

November 01, 2022

Gift Box

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Finding the perfect gift can be a real quest – and it’s just as challenging when you’re buying it for someone you’re just beginning to know and love, or when you’re in a long-term relationship where you have already tested all the ideas. To make things even more complicated, in the last couple of years, gift-giving has become a special form of art, especially with the numerous online shops offering unique trinkets and gadgets.

So, if you need a gift idea for that special someone, stick around. We’re going to make your task a whole lot easier. 

The “Hygge” way of life

When you love someone, you just want them to be happy and comfortable. The Nordic concept of “Hygge,” which roughly translates to a cozy and enjoyable way of life, can be neatly incorporated into gifts for every season, especially for fall and winter. And how can you make a “Hygge” present?

Well, just find the warmest blanket you can find, combine it with a fluffy cushion, winter socks, scented candles, and a good book to go along with all that. Show them that you care by ensuring the book is from an author they love, and, of course, color-synchronizing all the items in their favorite shade.

A skill for life


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Gifts don’t necessarily have to be things and can be bought for a reasonable price. They can be experiences or learning materials. The best thing about these kinds of gifts is that they will last forever.

Do you know something your special person always wanted to learn? Maybe tango? Or sewing? Perhaps they want to learn a new language or how to cook. Just find lessons that are convenient for them to attend, get a coupon, and wrap it up in a nice envelope. It can also be a DIY gift which shows you put in time and thought into this gift.

Speaking of cooking…

Perhaps your partner is already an avid cook, so why not encourage their passion with a practical gift they’ll really appreciate? The list of potential cooking-related gifts can go on forever, and it will depend on what your partner needs and wants.

For example, if he/she enjoys cooking and throwing parties, something like a smokeless indoor grill could be a marvelous idea. For someone who’s both a culinary aficionado and a gadget enthusiast, well, a Bluetooth precision cooker that allows monitoring food from a distance will make for a thrilling present. Some more traditional choices include herb scissors, an instant marinater, a personalized apron, and so on. Ranging from modest to luxurious, the possibilities are endless!

The art of elegance

Marble Cufflinks

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“Picture a world where all the boys and girls are impeccably well-dressed,” says Barney Stinson in a song called “Nothing suits me like a suit” from the TV show “How I met your mother.”

And truly, a man in a suit is something special. However, when it comes to dressing impeccably, the devil’s in the details: a well-chosen suit is one thing, but finding elegant suit accessories to brighten up the three-piece makes for a whole new level of handsome. So, be the one to treat your partner with some unique details such as marble tie bars, marble cuff links, or even a marble bow tie.

Put your love on paper

You can’t put a price tag on love and memories. And some romantic souls will melt at the idea of you trying to make your own gift.

Scrapbooks may seem dated or like something meant for high school crushes, but they still have their significance, especially when they’re made with care and attention. You can also try to design a book or a comic book that will tell the story of how you two met, or about the quirks in your relationship. If you don’t consider yourself very nifty with these things, there are plenty of artisans offering to design personalized comic books or drawings.

A treasure chest like no other

Treasure Box

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A coupon booklet is a popular way to show someone your affection. It’s a way to give a lot of small tokens of attention in the form of your time or anything else, and your partner can use the coupons whenever they want.

For example, one coupon can be something small, like washing the dishes instead of your partner or giving them a massage. Some can carry more value, like a visit to the movies or a romantic dinner. Let your imagination loose.

Give career or hobby support

Showing someone you love them means supporting them in their pursuits. If your partner is just starting a business or trying to climb up the corporate ladder, surprise them with a pack of nicely designed business cards. Every time he or she looks at these cards, they’ll be reminded of your support and feel the wind at their back. Anything else related to their career and hobby is recommended. For example, if your partner is a photography enthusiast, you can buy a new DSLR, a lens, an external flash, etc.


A favorite film, book series, or a TV show themed gift

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Since the beginning of the “Netflix and chill” craze, movies and TV shows have started occupying a much more important place in gift-giving than ever before. From “Game of Thrones” to Marvel’s superheroes or the controversial “Joker,” there are countless themed products to delight TV and film fans. They come in the form of T-shirts, mugs, souvenirs, posters, etc.

Did someone say “Netflix and chill”?

Yes, we did. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and soon Disney and HBO subscriptions make both useful and thoughtful gifts. You can add in something that complements a subscription perfectly, like as a bowl for popcorn and a blanket. In this spirit, you can also opt for a magazine subscription.

Go away together


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Depending on the amount of cash you have at your disposal, you can probably afford some sort of getaway. It can be a hotel in your town where you will be able to relax free of the house chores and go for the hot tub or spa. If you are willing to spend a little more, a weekend getaway nearby will be a success. You can also go all out with a summer vacation, but remember that traveling is not about the money and the distance – it is about the company and the experience.


You’ve probably noticed that hidden away in these ten suggestions, there is an abundance of ideas that will spark your imagination. Maybe they will inspire you to come up with something even more original. Regardless of what your choice will be, don’t forget that the essential ingredient of every gift for a special someone is – that’s right – love.

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