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A Guide To Camping With Toddlers

May 06, 2021

What To Do When Camping With Toddlers

Bringing a toddler on a camping trip may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of vacation ideas. Ask any parent and they’d probably say it’s a terrible idea. Will the kids be able to last the hike? What if they get bored? Is it safe? Will the trip cause more stress than staying at home? These might be some of the many questions that come to mind when thinking of a camping trip with toddlers. But, going camping with toddlers might be one of the best travel ideas out there. 

Firstly, there won’t be any plane rides involved. That’s already half the battle fought. Parents who’ve brought their kids on vacation will say that the nightmare begins when the plane takes off. Going on a camping trip means not having to worry about keeping a young toddler quiet for at least six hours in the air without annoying the other passengers. What’s more, camping is a much more wallet-friendly option compared to going on a vacation overseas. Aside from camping ground fees and some meals, there isn’t much else to pay for. So, for those families who aren’t willing to burn a hole in their pockets but are still looking for a getaway, going camping is a perfect idea. 

For readers who are ready to take the plunge and go on a camping trip with their toddlers, look no further. This article covers everything from what equipment to pack what food to bring along. Keep reading to find out more! You’d naturally want to sleep in the same tent as your toddler, so be sure to get the best two-person tents here: 


What to pack for tent camping with kids

When packing for a camping trip with toddlers, here are some questions parents should ask themselves:

  1. What facilities does the campsite have? Will there be showering amenities? 
  2. What’s the weather going to be like? Is it the rainy season or is it going to be sweltering hot? 
  3. What bedding is best to pack? Are sleeping bags enough or will sleeping pads, camping blankets and pillows be more comfortable?
  4. Does the campsite provide meals? Or are there cooking facilities available? Are campers expected to bring their own food supplies or does the campsite have a mart?
  5. Is the campsite accessible by car or are campers required to hike to get there? How long will the hike be? Is the trail easy enough for children?

Sleep arrangements for tent camping with toddlers 

Though most toddlers would have outgrown their cribs and started sleeping in beds already, consider bringing along pack-n-plays. Toddlers are probably not used to sleeping outdoors, what more sleeping on the ground. So, to save all the fussing and sleepless nights, getting them to sleep in pack-n-plays is definitely the safest option for parents who are worried about sleeping arrangements. In addition, pack-n-plays are great for those who are worried about their young ones wandering about if there isn’t anyone watching them. With the children contained in their pack-n-plays, the adults can rest assured that they won’t go wandering off and getting into danger. 

Another tip that parents should consider is sticking to their usual nighttime routine even when going on a camping trip. Children, especially young toddlers, feel most comfortable and secure when their activities are predictable and familiar. For kids who are used to having a bath and reading a bedtime story before bed, stick to this routine! If possible, try bringing along the same soap that is normally used at home. If the campsite doesn’t have showering facilities, bring along some wet wipes so the kids don’t have to go to bed feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Another thing to consider is bringing along flashlights or even a baby potty in case of late-night bathroom runs. 


Meal ideas for camping with kids

Mealtime is probably one of the most important parts of any trip. When going on a camping trip, it doesn’t hurt to spend some extra time planning and searching for recipes that can either be prepared beforehand or whipped up easily. Also, when camping with toddlers, snacks are a must-have. They’re convenient and the best remedy for a crying or fussy child. So, loosen the purse strings when going grocery shopping for camping food supplies. Stock up on yoghurt bars, pre-cut fruits, string cheese and crackers. 

Many campsites also have nearby eateries or even serve meals so campers should also definitely check out what their campsite offers before setting off. If there’re restaurants or marts nearby, meals shouldn’t be much of a problem and campers won’t have to worry about packing enough food to last the whole trip. 

Ideas for play for tent camping with kids 

Nowadays, most parents are used to sitting their toddlers in front of the TV to keep them entertained. For parents who are guilty of this then a camping trip is exactly what the family needs. There’s nothing better than taking in the fresh air and enjoying nature — something a lot of people are missing out on.

When thinking of going on a camping trip, many parents are often hesitant because they’re worried about having to keep their kids entertained 24/7. But, this really small issue shouldn’t keep anyone from going camping with their kids. 

In fact, when it comes to it, many parents are surprised with how much their children enjoy being outdoors. Kids can keep themselves entertained with just about anything. Take a swim in the lake, or go on a hike through the woods. These are things most kids won’t get to experience every day back at home. For parents who are still worried, consider bringing along or some toys just in case. But with the endless adventures that nature has to offer, they probably won’t be necessary.



With everything that has been covered, parents who’ve read this article should be all set for a camping trip with their toddler. Remember, having young kids doesn’t mean sacrificing vacation time. All that’s needed is some extra planning to avoid being caught unprepared — quite possibly the worst thing that can happen on a camping trip. So, what else is there to say? It’s time to get out the tents and sleeping bags and get packing!

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