San Sebastian, Basque Country

April 18, 2016

The Basque country is located along the French and Spanish border, with four provinces within Spain and three provinces within France. Basque Country is the home to our Nero Marquina marble stone and more specifically, from the town of Markina. Today we will explore the popular city of San Sebastián, known for its culinary delights with numerous Michelin-awarded restaurants.

La Concha Beach

The iconic beach of San Sebastian is your typical post card shot. This city beach stretches out about 1.5km and has fine white sand with a remarkable landscape. It is impossible to miss! This often-populated beach is overlooked by the promenade where you can take relaxing strolls, pig out, or ride the carousel.

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Old Town of San Sebastian

Located behind the city hall, the Old Town has two major churches that are must-sees: Santa Maria Church and San Vicente Church. Beyond the historic aspect, the Old Town is known for pinxtos bars. Pinxtos, pronounced like pinchos, is the food of the Basques. Pinxtos are little snacks that involve a mixture of ingredients on top of a slice of bread, held together by a toothpick.

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Monte Urgull

Once you get sick of beach and food on a constant repeat, you can take a little trek to Monte Urgull. Located by the Old Town, the hike up the hill is an easy hike with views from every corner. There is a fort at the top of the hill with a marvelous view of the bay. It is a great way to see the city and to learn more about the history of the city as it dates back to the 12th century.


Michelin Restaurants

The Basque Country is well known for being flooded with Michelin Star restaurants. In San Sebastian alone, there are three 3 star Michelin restaurants: Arzak, Akelarre, and Martin Berasategui. One 2 star Michelin restaurant of Mugaritz is followed by four 1 star restauants: Kokotxa, Mirador de Ulia, Miramon Arbelaitz, and Zuberoa. The best way to finish off your trip in San Sebastian is to try one of these world-renowned restaurants.


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