Is Marble Heavier or Paper?

January 20, 2016

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We are in one of the most exciting times of human history where technological advancements are excelling at a rapid pace.  Technology boom from space tourism to artificial intelligence to autonomous vehicles.  People have begun to believe we can move to the planet Mars soon and build a new colony there!  

However, when it comes to traditional industries such as marble stone products, many still can't move forward in a technological advancement perspective. In this industry, the "Earth is flat and we are at the center of the universe".


Is marble heavy? 

Many will answer "Yes"

What about paper? Is paper heavy?

Many will answer "No"

But this is a generalized answer which follows a generalized assumption.

Below is a photo of a stack of books or it could be a stack of papers.  

Is this stack of paper heavy? Yes!

Stack of paper

Below we have a photo of a piece of marble thin as a penny.

Is that piece of marble heavy? Not at all!

Typically when it comes to marble, we think industry standard 3/4"(2cm) thick slabs or large boulders.  

But why is it so hard to think technology has advanced to a point where we can cut a marble piece as thin as a credit card?

Once we have wrapped our heads around the fact that marble can be cut thin, next concern or thought is, "it must be fragile! Oh, what if you drop it?!"

That is where we, at MIKOL, have a special laminated webbing and recycled corrugate between the marble grains to give it an extra support when processing the marble so thin!

If you tell someone that marble can bend, they would think you are crazy!

But look below!

For an even better perspective:

Our marble piece at 0.8mm thick Vs. a Credit Card 

MIKOL Marble
Credit Card      
Size 8.6 x 5.4 cm 8.6 x 5.4 cm
Weight 6.83 grams 5.05 grams


So, marble is heavier than plastic, but not by much!!  


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