MIKOL Christmas Gifting with hidden products revealed!

December 22, 2015 1 Comment

Christmas is arriving! It's definitely our favorite holiday!

The team at MIKOL would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

There are numerous gifts out there that are terrific to share.  However, we are going to be a little selfish and only introduce our product selection along with some hidden items that are not yet revealed.  So if you finish this article and love our new products, please do email us for not only the early bird special, but early bird delivery!  Shhhhh!!! Our little secret!

We don't plan to launch these items till after the New Year!  Do also keep in mind our engraving option for only an additional $25.00.  

By now, we all know since marble is a natural product, therefore no two designs will ever be exactly the same!  With your personalized engraving, it makes your product that much more unique and exclusive!

Let's get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. World's First Amethyst iPhone 6/6s & 6/6s plus case 






Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz and often used in jewelry. The ancient Greeks believed that the stone protected its owner from intoxication and provided clarity to one's mind.  In ancient Asian cultures, it is believed to heal and bring good fengshui to one's chi. Something to consider that can bring you more fortune.

2. Signature Marble iPhone Collection


No two marble iPhone 6 cases will ever be fully the same since are dealing with 100% natural marble. The case you own, will truly be the only design in the World that is natural!
We offer a custom marble option for our VIP members who want to send us a color they like or work with our design team in finding the perfect color/fit.  Best way to be unique is to be different.

3. Natural Marble iPad & iPad Mini


We use popular Italian Carrara marble and other famous marble quarries for our ipad covers.  Carrara has been used since the time of Ancient Rome and was Julius Caesar's stone of choice. It carries an elegant white with blue-grey veins of high quality that is popular for use in sculptures (Michelangelo’s favorite marble to work with) and buildings.

The quarry is located in the city of Carrara, at the province of Massa and Carrara at the northern tip of Tuscany, Italy. Prominent construction such as the Pantheon or religious buildings were built from this prestigious stone. From the stunning Siena Duomo and other Christian religious building to Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi and Akshardham in Delhi. Even popular celebrity icon Adam Levine from Maroon 5 chose this luxurious stone for his home according to Elle Decor.

4. Natural Marble Macbook Cover with Translucent option


Made with all-natural Marble

Compatible with MacBook Air 13”, MacBook Pro 13” and 15”

Adheres with a 3M adhesive that does not leave a permanent residue.

Actual product may vary due to natural characteristics


5. Natural Marble Notebook


MIKOL Marble Notebook Series exists as a reminder of the natural beauty of the world. The front and back covers are made of 100% real Marble and are built to flex using laminated webbing and recycled corrugate between the Marble grains. Our design allows it to lay perfectly flat for optimal comfort and ease when writing, drawing, or journaling.   The notebook journals are very eye catching everytime we bring it out.  People assume that it's marble that it should be heavy.  Once they pick it up, feel it and play with it, most people fall deeply in love.

Something special to show off during your boardroom meetings!


6. Real Marble Business Cards (Engraving option Included)

Our premium Marble business cards feels great in your hands and definitely leaves a lasting impression!  The cards are cut to 2mm of stone with a clean aluminum back where you can either add your business card design to the back or engrave it.

We have three options:

A set of 50 cards

A set of 100 cards

A set of 200 cards


7. Marble Tie Clip part of our new Bing Series Collection


Our natural marble Bing tie clip series has not yet been released.  But we use a beautiful stainless steel clip as the base with our standard European marble selection to enhance its glimmer.  

To our knowledge, we should be the only ones with real marble tie clips!  


8. Natural Marble Dog tag & Cross Necklace



Our team is a big fan of fashion accessories, therefore in their honor, we have also included marble necklace selection.  You have the option of natural marble in the front and a sleek stainless steel option on the back of the dog tag or cross.  Variety is always good!


9. Natural Marble Money Clip

Continuing our stainless steel & natural marble collection, of course money clips are involved! If you want something light, easy to carry out but also catch attention.  This is the piece for you!

Get these early for special pricing before we list them!  

Again, we should be the only ones with real marble money clips!

10.  Exclusive and first of it's kind, a real marble messenger bag!

Only $199.00 right now! This offer definitely will not last.

Email for more information.  This cannot be revealed in public!

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Hello i m looking for marble visiting card for myself. kindly quote me the prices for the same

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