5 of the Top Phone Accessories to Get Someone as a Gift This Holiday Season

5 of the Top Phone Accessories to Get Someone as a Gift This Holiday Season

February 07, 2021


iPhone accessories 

The holidays are right around the corner. This means it’s time to start on your shopping list for your friends and family.


You may already have a hundred ideas buzzing around in your brain about what to buy. Or maybe you’re like a lot of us and struggle to come up with the right option. Thinking of the perfect gift can be stressful, but there are a few gift categories where you can’t go wrong.


For example, one of the best routes to explore is phone accessories. Almost everybody owns a smartphone, and they could all probably benefit from a tech upgrade.


We’ve compiled a great list for you of ideas to get started. Here, we cover some of the best accessories to grab for someone you love. Read on to learn more!


  1. A Fun or Fashionable Case

 leather iphone case

Buying someone a new phone case can make their day. A case is a great way for people to highlight their style and their personality. They can be sleek and edgy. They can be fun and whimsical. The possibilities are almost endless. And if you find one they love, it’ll show how well you know them.

If you can’t find a case that truly matches the style of the receipt, go for phone cases that are customizable. With lots of customization options, you can pick the colors, images, texts, and visuals to use for the design and create a fully personalized phone case for your family and friends. 

Whether you’re looking for Samsung cases, iPhone 12 pro cases, or something else, you’re sure to find one to match. If the person you’re buying for prefers to have something sturdy, there are durable options to explore as well.


  1. Wireless Charger

 Marble Wireless charger

Another useful accessory that you can get is a wireless charger. This is a great gift for anyone, especially if they want to avoid cords. You can find a variety of types out there, and they usually serve different functions. One of the most popular models is the stand option. You can prop your phone on the device and charge it wirelessly. When looking for a wireless option for someone, make sure that their device is compatible with wireless charging.


  1. Solar Chargers


Solar charger

In today’s world, we are becoming more environmentally conscious. Companies who make accessories for phones are even making more planet-friendly options.


One of the most popular options is the solar charger. When it comes to renewable sources of energy, solar energy is incredibly easy to access. Manufacturers have made special cases or charging docks that charge your phone just by utilizing the sun. If you know someone who appreciates sustainability, this could make a great present.


  1. Attachments for Camera Lenses

 iPhone camera lens

For those in your close circle that love photography, you can find them special camera attachments that they’ll love. Just like a professional photographer attaches different types of lenses to their camera, so can you.


Each type of lens is used creates a different look. Some of the most common types of lenses are fisheye, macro, wide-angle, and the zooming lens.


  1. Virtual Reality Headset


If you know someone that loves gaming or simply enjoys VR, you can get them a smartphone-compatible virtual reality headset. Some of the most popular models available include Google Cardboard and Oculus Quest to name a few. VR headsets may not work with every type of phone, so make sure you know what you’re looking for before you buy. Also, don’t forget to pick out a case that can protect it.




This holiday season, keep an eye out for the perfect phone accessories that you can gift to others. In addition, look out for big holiday sales. This will be the most effective time to buy, especially for the accessories that are expensive.


Remember: always figure out what type of device you’re buying for to ensure compatibility!


Guest post by: Matt McCaughey

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