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5 Most Entertaining Things to Do on a Long Haul Plane Ride

September 08, 2020

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Do you have a long vacation coming up to a different city, state, or country? A long-haul plane ride may be on your agenda. 

As excited as you may be to reach your final destination, the journey there can get a little dull. Instead of dwelling on the hours of sitting down to come, you can plan out what you're going to do using this guide.

Here, we've offered 5 things you can do to pass the time on your next long-haul plane ride. 

1) Watch New TV Shows 

Instead of binging Friends for the tenth time this year, pick out a new show to watch. To really diversify your TV taste, pick something in a different language, featuring actors you've never heard of, or a genre that you normally don't care for. 

To ensure you don't have issues on the plane, download the episodes for offline viewing before you board. If you can't find anything that interests you, try getting a VPN. This will let you switch your region and access TV shows only available in certain countries.

When you're looking for the best VPN, don't be fooled by claims of lifetime accessibility; a lifetime model is unsustainable. Instead, choose a VPN with a short trial period to see if you like it and then sign up for a longer subscription. 

2) Write Letters to People You Love

Between work, family obligations, and your social life, you may struggle to keep in touch with family members and friends that live far away.

Before your flight takes off, pack some stationery and pens. Use your newfound free time to write personalized letters to the people you love.

On the way to your vacation spot, write about your life back home and fill them in on major events. On your trip home, write to tell them about all the adventures you had. 

3) Talk to the People Around You

If you have a flying buddy, you should be in good shape when it comes to having someone to talk to. However, if you're taking a solo trip away from home, you can turn to your neighbor or the people in front or behind you. 

You may find people with fascinating stories to tell or common interests in the place you're visiting. 

Be courteous and attentive. Only make conversation if the surrounding people are open to talking. If they have headphones in or a pile of work in front of them, they likely want to be left alone. 

4) Organize Your Phone

If you don't have Wi-Fi, what you can do to organize your phone will be limited. However, if your flight offers Wi-Fi, you can organize emails, notes, pictures, and text messages. 

This is also a great opportunity to create some storage on your phone for all the new vacation pictures you plan on taking!

5) Listen to Podcasts

Depending on the time of day you're traveling and how tired you are, you may want to just sit back and close your eyes. If you don't necessarily feel like sleeping, try listening to a podcast for background noise. 

You can find a podcast series that covers any topic you like including horror stories, self-help advice, and comedy. 

Bottom Line

Keeping yourself entertained on a long plane ride can be difficult. Not everyone will want to pass the time in the same way. Some travelers like to stay busy, while others want to find ways to sit back and relax. You may benefit from a little of both, so use this list to find what works best for you! 



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