5 Gifts For Your Friends Working From Home

April 28, 2021


Finding the right gift for a co-worker or a new friend can be hard at the best of times, even more so now that we haven’t seen most of our pals in over a year (Thanks COVID), but while we haven’t seen our pals in quite some time, we know quite a lot of them are working from home at makeshift desks set up in kitchens and living rooms. So today, we’ll take a dive into some awesome practical gifts your Work From Home friends will enjoy!

Coffee Machine

If your pal worked in an office before they started working from home, they’re probably missing the coffee they’re used to at their office and have to make do with instant coffee. So a Coffee machine makes a great gift for your friends working from home. It doesn’t even need to be a high end coffee machine, even an economy coffee machine would make an excellent gift and help make your friends home office a bit more office-y.

New Blinds


Lots of people working from home at the moment are doing so in makeshift offices, while something like a new desk may be a bit pricey for a gift, a good set of window blinds can do wonders for a home office set up. Having natural light during the day makes it easier to concentrate on work, but without a blind, you can le in too much light, so buying a nice dimout blind can help give their home office the right amount of light.

Desk Plants

Desk plants are a classic office gift and for a home office they’ll be even more appreciated as they can bring some life into a lonely home office, as well as that, there are many mental health benefits of working around plants, so a good desk plant like a succulent or a cactus can help boost your friends mood when working at home.

New Office Chair

Due to the makeshift nature of most work from home set ups, lots of us don’t have all the correct office furniture for working and desk chairs are one of the most common things workers don’t have. If you’re sitting on a kitchen chair or a sofa all day, you won’t be doing your back any favours, so a good ergonomic office chair will be a welcome present to any home workers.

High Quality Webcam


Most people working from home are spending a lot of their time on video-conferencing apps like Zoom talking to clients and co-workers. Most people have had to buy a cheap webcam to be able to use Zoom, so buying a high quality webcam for them is sure to be a winning present, allowing them to look their best when catching up with work friends and attending meetings.


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