5 Gifts for Female Coworkers You Can Order Online

5 Gifts for Female Coworkers You Can Order Online

March 09, 2021

It's your coworker's birthday soon, and you have no idea what she'd like to get. Perhaps you're organizing a company-wide Christmas gift action or Secret Santa, and you find yourself utterly confused.


Buying presents can be quite a feat, especially when you don't know the person well. No two people share preferences to a T - what if they don't like something you would? The options depend on whether you're going on the purchase adventure solo or as a collective, too.

No matter your situation, help is on the way. Let's explore five fun ideas your lady colleague will appreciate and which you can get without ever leaving the office.

#1: Feel Like a Lady

Most women appreciate feeling extra feminine every once in a while. Why not promote that feeling with your gift?

High-quality truffles and chocolates in a beautiful box tied with a vivid bow are always a good idea. You can't go wrong with sweets, providing that you're looking out for potential allergies. 

Bouquet flowers are another excellent option for smaller offices looking to surprise their favorite coworker.

Flower Guide

Some flower types and colors represent romance, while others denote friendship. You already know enough not to choose red roses, but learning a bit more about the various blossom's significance can add an extra touch of thoughtfulness to your gift. 

The alstroemeria is quite common in this context, as it's representative of platonic affection. Yellow roses also work well, especially on dreary, grey days. The iris and chrysanthemum are flowers of support, which translates into the same message. 

Whichever flower combination you go for, include a personalized note signed by everybody who took part in the selection and gifting processes. 

flower basket

#2: Subscription Packs

It seems that a subscription box exists for every hobby, interest, and personality type these days. Plus, it's a gift that'll keep giving in the months to come. 

Some ideas include:

  • Creativity tools. If you work with an artistic person, surprise them with a subscription all about pencil kits, notebooks, and paint.
  • Self-care boxes. While you can't expect to get their skin type ideally, bath salts and creams are something to make everybody smile. 
  • Loot crates. The gamer girl in your work crew will find much joy in unpacking her loot each month.
  • Food of the month. The foodies out there will be delighted to find a delicious selection of fruits, chocolates, or cheeses at their doorstep. 
  • Book of the month. There's no reason even to pitch this gift. It just works.


Plus, subscription boxes require minimal effort on your end. The company you order from will pick and pack everything while you get credit for the idea.

#3: Comfort Items

People love blankets - the thicker, the better. Your colleague might appreciate a high-quality item that puts comfort at the forefront.

Nobody feels disappointed when they touch a soft object that promises comfort and warmth. If you don't find the blanket idea that appealing, consider:

  • Cozy slippers
  • Beanies and scarves
  • Woolen gloves
  • Warm socks
  • A neck pillow for work
  • A lush bathrobe

While considering which gift ideas are suitable for this coworker, think about their personality and your relationship.

For example, if they're not the type of person who enjoys plush toys and fuzzy items, go for simple wool or fleece. On the other hand, if you see them with massive mittens as soon as winter arrives, you can be a bit more casual with your selection.

When it comes to your relationship, a bathrobe is okay if you consider this colleague a friend. An acquaintance would likely feel more comfortable with something less intimate.

cozy socks

#4: Personalized Work Items

If you're not that close, you could stick to the objects usually found around the office, but add a spin to them. People in any line of work need staples, notebooks, pencils, calendars, mouse pads, and mugs. 

You can go down two avenues in terms of personalization.

Focus on Their Interests

If your colleague is obsessed with dogs, gardening, or sports, why not personalize the items to reflect that interest? They'll appreciate that you remembered what they like. 

Go more general if you're unsure about the specifics, though. For example, not every bookworm enjoys Shakespeare, no matter how popular he is. So, instead, you could print out a cute drawing of a book pile on the mug.

Make It About the Office

If your work community is relatively close-knit, your coworker might cherish a picture of you all together attending an event and having fun. 

So, dig out old Christmas party photos and find one that has the entire work family together. Use it as the base for personalizing a handy work item they're most likely to use.

#5: Productive Hobbies

Everybody needs a hobby. They help us develop our tastes and grow as people. While your coworker likely already has one, why not help them get into something exciting that promotes well-being?

There are numerous productive hobbies to fit any personality. From cooking to gardening to yoga, as long as it improves their life somehow, it counts as productive.

Take puzzles as a simple example. It seems impersonal to buy one for a person who isn't already into jigsaws. Still, they'll likely look at it on a lazy Sunday afternoon and start putting it together.

As a result, they get a creative project that activates their brain and improves focus. Plus, it's the ideal way to spend some time away from the screen - and they can frame it when they finish for an extra decor piece in their home. 

So, even if it seemed impersonal at first, they got a lot out of it, and they'll be grateful.


Final Thoughts

Remember that nobody expects too much from their coworkers, even on special occasions. That's all the more reason to go the extra mile and find the perfect gift for your colleague.

Show them that they're unique, valued, and more than a person with who you have to spend eight hours each day. All you need to do is visit an online store and order the item you chose, and they'll fondly remember the gesture. 


Guest Post by Ashely Lipman

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