Being Different is Being Alive

September 03, 2015

It's better to standout, than not to be noticed at all

The founder of MIKOL built the company based on working with a material (Real Natural Marble) he loves and developing a product that was truly different (Real marble iphone case, Ipad case, macbook cover and notebook journal).

And this can be applied in all fields in life, work and  It is always hard to go against the current, as there will be so many people discouraging you, giving their deep sincere advice why it won't work.  It's not that they are lying to you, it's because they are scared and don't know better themselves.

That is why so many success stories tell you to find your passion, cause only then will you fight against the current until you succeed and reach the other side.

Being Different Is To Be Alive

This might sound a little dramatic but it is totally true or else you will just blend it like the rest of the crowd. If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you will stay the same as everyone.  And out of frustration, boredom or whatever the reason is, you will fail and give up most of the time.

If, on the other hand, you know why you are fantastic and you work hard at creating what you believe is true, other people will eventually see how you are different.  By this time you will notice some small successes.

These small successes are extremely important!  This is what keeps your energy and passion levels high!!!

When we built MIKOL, we invested a lot of time, money and hard work while everyone thought we were crazy to want to sell iphone cases when the market is already so saturated.  Plus, a price point of USD 99.00 was insane to many of our friends and family.  People were telling us no one would buy a marble iPhone case, it's too heavy or the nicer comments were I'm not big on marble so I'm not really your target audience.  

We were in Germany for a convention when our first iPhone case order came in! Then the next day an order from London for a marble notebook journal!  This was our initial small success and validation!  

From here we felt validated and all the hard work was paid for!  Of course, this hardly made us rich. As a matter of fact, we were still in debt.  But the reward was far greater than what money could offer.  

As we slowly grew MIKOL with the marble iphone cases, marble notebbooks and other marble accessories there became little more recognition.  By then, the nay sayers that once told us it wouldn't work or said they weren't our target group came back asking if they could have our products with enthusiasm. 

I hope this article helps you think about what you truly love and how you can be different with it!




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