Even after thousands of years, our fetish for marble doesn’t seem to be fading; as a matter of fact, we still love to be in that “Precious Stone Age”. Since the classical age through the medieval era, marble has been part and parcel of our artistic renditions; in the modern days, the stone has made its way into many things of aesthetic and functional value.

Human imagination has taken all bizarre things & shapes into consideration and this Mikol iPhone 6 Marble case is a perfect example of weird fancies struck to our minds. As I explored other accessories manufactured by Mikol, I was awestruck by the list of products on which Mikol has wrapped marble.

Mikol iPhone 6 Marble CaseIn the presence of all the products (click the linked phrase above), I guess a mobile case plays a much digestible role. I got this natural color NERO MARQUINA marble case for my iPhone 6 yesterday, which was Sunday. Here is my experience of first 30-odd hours with this marble case for my iPhone 6.


Nero Marquina Marble iPhone 6 CaseMarble has a quality that can’t be tampered with, and therefore, one has to maintain its natural elements while crafting any product. Mikol has done just the job; all natural qualities of marble have been retained and this makes the product simple and beautiful. Since the brand is using natural marble, no two mobile cases are similar. So I know that one I possess is unique and nobody else has got a mobile case similar to mine.

Another thing that impressed me is that unlike Native Union CLIC Marble Case for iPhone 6, which was a complete marble case, this one is not entirely made of marble. Compare the two cases and you will notice that Native Union’s case has its border made of marble, while Mikol’s marble case has its side protection of classic TPU exterior.

If you are a VIP member and want a color of your choice, Mikol can offer a custom marble option or members can work with their design team in finding the perfect color/fit.


The NERO MARQUINA marble case for iPhone 6 from Mikol has back of marble and sides are made of classic TPU exterior, which provides extra protection to your smartphone. If your phone is accidentally dropped off your hands and if it falls flat on a surface, you may not have to worry about your phone. Though care should be taken that your iPhone 6 doesn’t slip and fall with corners or sides touching the ground first.

When you iPhone is not snapped on this cover, it feels very gentle and lightweight; you can be carefree about this case as it is strong enough to sustain any shock or drop.


More is less! This is the mantra Mikol has adopted while manufacturing all its marble cases for different products. Since the brand has its own manufacturing facilities, it makes no compromise in terms of ethical production. The product technology is born out of philosophy of being less wasteful and using only what we need.

  • Classic TPU exterior
  • Honed contrast trim
  • Hand cut and Sanded

Dimensions (L x W x H)

5.7″ x 3″ x 0.5″

Weight: 0.28 lb

Is it overpriced?

The price might stop you from buying this Mikol marble iPhone 6 case, but believe me guys $99 is worth spending on this case. Let me explain why: whenever you buy accessories for your gadgets, you consider aspects like aesthetics, functionality and strength. This mobile case boasts all three. It is made of natural marble, which itself asserts its aesthetic value. Next, you would certainly like to snap your phone on this case as it is made of classic TPU exterior bolstered with honed contrast trim and hand cut and sanded. This makes it functional in all seasons. Moreover, sides and edges are not made of marble, therefore, there hardly any chance that you mobile get damaged if it is dropped off your hands.

A mobile case made of marble can be a great gift to your loved ones. If any of your friends has iPhone 6, you can surprise him/her by sending this case that offers protection, style and performance.

Price: $99.00
Buy it from MikolMarmi.com.