3 Marble Fashion Designs You Didn't know about

June 25, 2015

Marble fashion and interior design has inspired timeless yet modern developments with each piece. It is present in our lives since ancient times and still much appreciated today.

In the 21st century, we see much more imitation work with the innovations we have.

Here are 3 simple examples of how marble made it's way into lifestyle fashion:


1. Nails - Simple do it yourself methods at home if you have the skills!

2. Shoes - Even big brands like Nike, kenzo and many other big brands has incorporated marble patterns into their swoosh designs.

Can Check out Nike.com for their Marble Shoes

3. Clothes - Becoming a hot item having a Carrara Marble look especially with the push of famous designer Alexander Wang and Balenciaga.

That's just gorgeous!

Question is, these are printed faux marble.  Would you rather have the real deal?  What if someone (*hint *hint - MIKOL) could turn real marble into these fashion products you see and with comfort.  For people who want something different.  To be unique, separated from the rest and not have to worry about another person wearing the same style dress.  That is the true beauty of marble fashion.

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