3 Simple Items to Clean Marble

June 01, 2015


Marble is a luxurious material to be used.  But because it is quite soft and porous, marble can easily be stained, scratched, and chipped. To help prevent staining, MIKOL marble surfaces are coated with protective sealers. 

Unfortunately, these coatings need to be re-applied  every few months and can be purchased at any local marble shop.

Cleaning Marble Surface


What is needed:

  • Soft cloth or sponge (We recommend microfiber one which can easily be purchased at Costco)
  • Warm water
  • Neutral, nonabrasive cleaner (clear ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, acetone or just dishwashing soap)

The Simple Cleaning Process:


  1. Wet your sponge or cloth with the warm water
  2. Rinse out your sponge or cloth with plain hot water and wipe away any sudsy residue from the marble surface.  Rub a little cleaner on your cloth and gently wipe away till the surface is clean.
  3. Periodically clean the marble surface with neutral, nonabrasive cleaner to remove dirt and stains.
  4. Use a clean cloth to wipe away the soap.
  5. Wipe the surface dry; do not allow to air dry.
  6. Apply a marble polish to the surface, following the manufacturer’s instructions, to restore shine and brilliance if you do have this.

DO NOT USE ANYTHING THAT IS ACIDIC OR ROUGH.  These could damage your marble surface or cause it to lose it's shine.


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