Journey to Peru

May 10, 2016

Machu Pichu
Machu Pichu of Peru is one of the wonders of the world as everyone knows! Spectacular site and creation of the ancient inca civilization!  
Not only did they build such a wonderful structure at 14,000 ft! The jewelry, fashion accessories, alpaca clothing to stay warm and fashionable, to cooking utensils, platters, decoration and amazing cuisine!  Peru has quite a bit to offer!
What was most amazing about Machu Pichu was the journey to it.  
Salkantay trail
It started with the Salkantay Trail with breathtaking glacier mountain view and streams passing through.  The hike is definitely no beginner hike!  The challenges of carrying all your equipment going uphill and facing high altitudes that causes shortness of breath.  Fortunately there is this beauty aside the trail that relieves half the pain trekking up.
Once you get high enough in elevation, the clouds are literally blowing pass you that you can reach out and touch them. Coolest experience ever!!!
Careful not to admire the clouds too long as it can quickly engulf the entire valley.  When this happens it becomes lot colder and hard to see ahead.  Nevertheless still a great site to see!
MIKOL marble notebook
And of course we had to bring our MIKOL notebook along to record our everyday journey.  There were nice cool glacier streams along the way where we would rest, freshen up and record what we saw, challenges and memorable events.
cusco plaza de armas
At the end of the hike to Machu Pichu, you eventually come down to the town Cusco, Peru.  Beautiful little town with great food, drinks, music and entertainment!  
Highly recommended trip if you ever get the chance!  There will be following a second section on the Amazon jungle of Peru....
Until then!

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