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What Glasses Make You Look Younger?

February 09, 2021

There’s no doubt about it; glasses can make you look younger, but only if you know which ones to choose.

Not to worry, we’ll be letting you in on those glasses that can make you look 30 when at 60. When you are considering replacing your eyeglass lenses, you can also consider replacing your eyeglass frame if you intend to look younger than your age. 

Nothing should stop you from appearing trendy, stylish, and classy as a sixty-year-old. As a senior, you can still be the cynosure of all eyes based on the glasses you choose to rock!

That said, you may need to change your glasses to any of these to look younger; 

  1. Oversized Frames

Why oversized frames? They are best suited to hide facial features that easily reveal your age. It’s all about diverting people’s attention away from your wrinkled face to your beautiful eyes. 


oversized framesWe are not even talking about the trendy nature of oversized glasses. In recent times, oversized frame glasses have become a trend being jumped on by both old and young. 

You can find these oversized shapes to complement and blend in with the shape of your face. 

It’s all about letting the younger generation know that you are still young at heart. 

  1. Cat Eyes

This is best for women due to the feminine appeal it adds to you. There’s no other way to look youthful with your glasses better than rocking a cat-eye. 

There are even men that are trying out cat eyes. Also, that means older men can also try their hands on cat eyes glasses. 

What cat eyes does to elderly people is to highlight their cheekbones. You’ll even achieve that youthful look easily if you have a round and chubby face. 

While you can find cat eyeglasses in any color, black will blend in with any outfit. 

You may also settle for color in line with your hair color and skin tone. 

  1. Black Frames

Remember, we highlighted the versatility of black color glasses in the last point. Regardless of the type of eyeglasses you settle for, choosing black as the color will further accentuate your youthfulness. 

It won’t matter what your age is, what you are wearing, what your skin color is, or your hair color. With a black frame on your face, you’ll look young and your best. 

If your hair has gone grey, there’s no better color than black frames for your eyeglasses. 

Remember, black will always be a super versatile color. 

  1. Bold Frames

Usually, the demarcating line between who is considered old and young is the choice of boring frames and old fashioned cloth. Since we are interested in eyeglasses now, we’ll ask you to pitch your tenth with bold frames rather than boring frames that capture your old age. 

bold frames

If you want to look younger, then you have to appear and look interesting. It starts with the frames that house your glasses. 

Do away with the rectangular or rimless glasses that most older adults wear. Choose to wear more bright colored frames, 

Experiment with different colors and shapes until you know you’ve arrived at that youthful look. 

  1. Boxy

Nothing captures the youthfulness you intend to embrace and display that boxy glasses. With a pair of boxy eyeglasses, you are the true definition of youthful. 

Regardless of the scenario and event, you find yourself in; a boxy eyeglass will always fit in and outshine others. 

It’s an effortless consideration. If you don’t want to go outside of the box with your eyeglasses, a boxy one will fit the bill. 

You can display your confidence, style, neutrality, and youthfulness with boxy eyeglasses. 

fashionable glasses

  1. Blue Colored Glasses

Can you count the number of blue clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry that you have? You’ve lost count. That’s due to blue being able to eject life into any boring appearance. 

Since the blue color can do all this and more, why can’t you jump on rocking a blue eyeglass? 

While you may think that blue colored eyeglasses are at the far end of the spectrum, they are easier than you think. You can even match your eyeglasses with another accessory and appear younger than you’ve always been. 

  1. Go For Gold With Aviator Frames

Coming as the last is what can be considered as the gold. If you are an old fashionista, never go out without a pair of aviator glasses on your face. 

It’s all about turning the table around and reminding yourself of what life used to be like in your youth. You’ll see people swarming around you and complimenting you for your unique but youthful look.

The beauty of aviator glasses is that it fits almost all types of face shape, both old and young. 

 Hope this fun guide can help you find the perfect pair for your next stylishe outift.


Guest post by: Louisa H

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