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Waterfront in Costa Rica - 8 Ways To Enjoy The Beauty

December 17, 2023

Costa Rica is full of beauty and entertainment, making it one of the best bucket-list travel destinations in the world. While Costa Rica has endless adventures to offer, its waterfront activities are among some of the best. We have compiled a list of the best waterfront activities to enjoy in Costa Rica.

Sunbathe at Playa Espadilla

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Playa Espadilla, located in Manuel Antonio National Park, is the perfect mix of a relaxing tropical oasis with large, shade trees. Cool off in the refreshing ocean waters or stroll along the beach searching for native wildlife. Playa Espadilla is actually two beaches, with the southside only available through Manuel Antonio National Park. The north side of the beach is free and abundant with tourists and street vendors. If you’re looking for a quieter sunbathing experience, you’ll definitely want to check out the southside through the national park.

Dining on the Beach

You don’t have to surf or hike waterfalls to enjoy the beautiful water in Costa Rica. Instead, why not sit back and indulge in your favorite foods and beverages? Take your getaway to a new level with your own private chef, who will curate your favorite foods. At the same time, you get to enjoy an immersive dining experience with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. With your own private Costa Rica beachfront villa, you can spend your whole vacation enjoying the waterfront beauty that the country has to offer. Being steps away from the ocean also means you can wake up with memorable sunrises.

Surf at Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, is one of the best surfing destinations year-round. If you’re new to surfing, consider signing up for a lesson and visiting during December through February, as the conditions are slightly easier. Playa Carmen, one of the beaches along Santa Teresa, boasts white sand and beautiful turquoise waters, perfect for shredding waves all day long.

Chase Waterfalls

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You’ll find beautiful, photo-worthy waterfalls all throughout Costa Rica. One of the most popular waterfalls is the Llanos de Cortez Waterfall, which is located in Bagaces. The waterfall is 50 feet wide and 12 feet tall, and the water pools into a refreshing spring at the bottom.

The La Fortuna Waterfall near the Arenal Volcano is another one worth visiting, with a hanging bridge and mountainous staircase. Once you reach the beautiful waterfall, you can cool off in the green-blue pool at the base. The La Paz Waterfall and the Volio Waterfall are also both excellent choices if checking out waterfalls is at the top of your Costa Rica to-do list.

Enjoy the Healing Properties at the Hot Springs

A visit to Costa Rica isn’t complete without a stop at one of the many hot springs. The Arenal Volcano may be in a resting phase, but the magma is still close enough to the surface that it results in natural thermal pools nearby. Perdido Springs is another excellent option for travelers who want a more private hot spring setting. The trails lead you through multiple thermals, surrounded by native flowers and greenery. You can also check out day passes at many local hot spring spas.

Snorkel the Coral Reefs at Playa Chiquita

What better way to enjoy the refreshing Costa Rican waters than to immerse yourself in them fully? We recommend heading to Manuel Antonio, specifically the Playa Biesanz Cove, to snorkel off the coast. This non-motor cove is calm and serene, perfect for swimming, splashing, kicking back, and relaxing.

The Manzanillo National Park is another excellent snorkeling destination and home to one of the most-preserved coral reefs in the world. Getting to the coral reefs is also easy since it’s located right off the shore. One of the best parts of snorkeling in Costa Rica is the proximity to exciting sea life, like sea turtles and tropical fish.

Hike Volcanoes

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Evoke your adventurous spirit by hiking near and up some of Costa Rica’s volcanoes. In most cases, it’s best to hire a guide to traverse Costa Rica’s volcanoes. The Arenal Volcano puts you close to some of the country’s best wildlife, including tapirs and howler monkeys.

Poas Volcano is another excellent option because of its mountainous forests and ownership of the largest crater in the world. The Poas Volcano crater is an impressive one mile wide and over 1,000 feet deep. You’ll also explore an abundance of other, smaller craters on your hike.


Jaco, Tamarindo, and Quepos are all great boating areas in Costa Rica. You can rent a boat for the day and explore on your own or sign up for a guided tour. A guided boat tour takes you to the best-kept secrets in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is abundant in beauty, waterfront activities, and relaxation. Whether you prefer to sit back and enjoy the oceanfront while enjoying a delicious meal, or you’re more the surfing type, Costa Rica has something to offer everyone. Whichever option is best for you, you can expect a memorable vacation.

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