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Top Useful Care And Maintenance Tips For Matted Hair

January 09, 2022 1 Comment

Matted hair is nothing short of a person’s worst nightmares when you feel that cutting it off is the only solution. Unfortunately, in many cases, it’s just something that happens, but it can be pretty painful to detangle. The good news is there are many ways to take care of your hair to stop getting it painfully tangled, and this is why we bring you this article. Here are some of the top useful care and maintenance tips for matted hair.

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Try to Replace Cotton Pillowcases

As comfortable as cotton pillowcases are, they’re not exactly the best for keeping your hair untangled. Hair ends up getting caught up with cotton fabric, so it ends up tangled at night while you sleep. Satin or silk are best for keeping your hair unmatted and healthy, but if you can’t or prefer not to use these fabrics for your pillowcases, you can cover your hair with a satin or silk scarf to avoid the effect of cotton.

Always Use Deep Conditioning

Keeping your hair conditioned and soft doesn’t mean you need to get it oily. Depending on your hair type, you need to choose the products that match your hair without making it greasy or oily. There’s a misconception that curly hair won’t get too greasy no matter what you apply to it, but this is not the case. There are many types of curly hair, some hairs are thin, some are thick, some are porous and can easily absorb anything you apply to it, other hair types have fewer pores and will only absorb soft creams. Keeping your hair conditioned and soft is one of the most effective ways in any guide to detangling matted hair without hurting yourself or damaging your hair doing it. You also need to add a moisturizing seal to keep the conditioning locked in your hair, and apply leave-in cream and any other products that keep your hair look shiny and lively.

Use a Wide Brush or Comb

Wide combs and brushes are the most effective tools to detangle your hair without breaking it. Always comb your hair from bottom to top with a wide comb or a brush, and do it slowly and gently to avoid breaking your hair. Being hasty with these knots will lead to you losing too much hair and weakening it as well.

Tie Your Hair Up While Sleeping and Working Out

Besides using silk pillowcases or covering your hair with a satin scarf when you’re sleeping, pull your hair up in a high, loose ponytail that people call the “pineapple”. It keeps your hair looking pretty and protects it from getting knotted. You should also tie your hair up when you’re working out to protect it from getting tangled when you sweat, and also to make working out easier for you.

Always Use Conditioner After Shampooing

Shampooing your hair is great for cleaning your hair from dust and unneeded oils in your hair, but they may leave your hair a bit dry, so you need to add a conditioner to give it the nutrition and softness it needs. It’s always advised to use sulfate-free shampoos to clean your hair without drying it out. After shampooing, always use conditioner and softly comb it with a wide comb or brush it gently with your fingers, then rinse it well with cooler water. Hair experts usually recommend you use a hair mask once or twice a week, depending on your hair type and how much you feel your hair needs it.

Don’t Comb it When It’s Dry

To avoid breaking your hair and painfully detangling it, it’s better to dampen your hair and apply a leave-in cream or conditioner before you comb it. This makes it easier to comb and helps you not lose too much hair while detangling.

Divide Your Hair Locks When You Comb It

When you detangle your hair, it’s better to divide your hair into groups of locks, depending on how thick or thin your hair is. Comb each part from bottom to top, then after you detangle each part separately, comb your whole hair together. This also helps make it easier to comb and get rid of the tangles more easily, without breaking your hair and making the process painful.

Avoid Chemicals and Treatments That Cause Dryness

Most hair dyes and bleaches are extremely damaging to your hair and cause it to dry. Always opt for more natural hair dyes and use products that protect your hair from their effects. You may also want to use creams and serums that protect your hair against heat if you decide to straighten your hair.

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Keeping your hair healthy and beautiful is the best way to avoid having to deal with matted hair that is painful to comb and detangle. Follow the previously mentioned tips, and you’ll surely never have to deal with this issue again. Enjoy your soft and smooth hair without those painful knots.

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Straight hair

March 25, 2022

Hey, Thanks for sharing this useful information I am having matted hair and I wanted sleek straight hair so I will definitely try this.

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