Top 3 Reasons To Choose a Nice Phone Case

Top 3 Reasons To Choose a Nice Phone Case

August 19, 2017

 As a consumer, we live in a beautiful world of options! Isn't it great to have the power and ability to pick and choose what suits you?

In terms of iPhone cases, your options are nearly endless! It can range from simple cases like plastic or rubber, to higher end cases made from leather, wood, marble, terrazzo and even gold! Woohoo!

When looking for an iPhone case, there are several important factors to consider. And ironically for a protective phone case, it's not so much about protection anymore.

It has grown to become a fashionable accessory like a purse or wallet.  Some of you reading this may disagree.  But I've purchased some very expensive designer shoes that look terrific with my outfit.  Trust me, comfort is not what comes to mind with these shoes. And I'm sure women can relate with their heel purchases.

What is the best option for you?

1. Style

Does it fit your style? Do you like something bright, edgy, different? There are several unique options such as leather iPhone cases, wood iPhone cases, marble iPhone cases and so on to choose from that usually are the more fashionable pieces in terms of phone cases.  Of course, there are well-designed rubber phone cases or plastic phone cases.  But you typically won't hear that categorized in the luxury realm.  Think of it as women's quality leather purses vs PU leather purses (Fake Leather).  You never hear someone brag about their leather purse.  But you do hear about the great quality leather of Chanel purses or the new Celine purse that arrived.  

People often show us marble printed plastic cases that another person is using. And we are happy that they are using it! We 100% support people that love the marble design just as we do.  The difference is, do you want the real McCoy? Or just a nice print on plastic?  We see fake diamonds all the time, but no one ever brings that up to someone that works at Harry Winstons.


2. Uniqueness Factor

Having so many options is a blessing as a consumer. But at the same time, it's quite hard to stand out from a crowd.  Again, whether it's a leather iPhone case, wood case, marble iPhone 7 case or what not, I would suggest looking for something you can personalize.  It's a beautiful option to really own it.  You can buy the most expensive iPhone case in the world, but so can another really rich person as well.  What they won't' do, is copy your name or signature.  And that is something that is entirely YOU.

3.  Attention

When you refer to "fashion", nothing really screams subtle.  If you're fashionable person, you enjoy the attention. So why are you buying a nice pretty phone case? To compliment you and your style of course!  You want to find an accessory that matches your brand persona. It's like buying a watch. Why do you buy a watch? To tell time? NO! Well..not entirely no..but it's a fashion or status statement.  You can buy watches for as cheap as a dollar. Why do some people spend thousands of dollars on a watch? Because they represent YOU. 

What does your phone case say about you?

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