A GUIDE TO MEN's Accessories

May 20, 2020

When it comes to men's accessories, generally, less is more unless you're Johnny Depp. All you really need to polish off a simple summer look is a couple of stylish pieces that compliment each other. And I'm not talking about matching sets. These accessories should be consistent with your personal style and reflect your character.  For example, wearing a gold rope chain sends a very different message than a dog tag necklace.

It's best to leave the big flashy jewelry items to the ladies.  Often times, it's better to stay with refined touches that are versatile to your everyday wardrobe.  Items that have a family history, sentimental value, or any story, as it would be a great conversational starter. 

When getting into men's accessories and men's fashion, it gets a little tricky as it can send so many different messages to people who you are.  There are a lot of men's styles out there, and until you truly find your calling, we've put together a simple guide for you.

In our opinion, the basic stylish men's accessories should include:


classic timepiece


Find a medium-sized watch with a leather band that has a neutral watch face would be the first item any man should start with their accessories.  I personally bought my first watch from Kenneth Cole in high school. It's important to keep things simple at first, easy on the eyes until you find the style that suits you.  As your career builds, watches are also a great investment, if you know what you are doing. Here is a guide to investing in a timepiece if that interests you.


cufflink set
If you see yourself as a classy man, cufflinks are great accessories to wear. They are subtle, but people who notice the nice cufflinks you have will know you have class.  There are so many styles of cufflinks to choose from.  Generally speaking, I would go with something clean, sleek, and minimalistic. Silver is generally easier to pull off than gold.  



dog tag necklace
Necklaces are terrific accessories for men casual summer outfits. Try to keep it to one or two classic chains that are thin and minimal.  Singer Charlie Puth enjoys thin short necklace around him. Whereas if you find actors like Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth enjoy longer necklaces.
Dog tag necklaces have been coming back in popularity.  You can find stylish dog tag necklaces that can be personalized whether of your name, someone else's name, or anything you find meaning to. 


bracelet game
I personally really enjoy bracelets. There's no need to stack a whole bunch of bracelets like it's 2009 unless you have that swag.  I like to add a bracelet next to watch as a compliment. Or wear it on my other hand to balance my timepiece.


There are so many bracelets to choose from for men, but I've always gravitated towards stone bead bracelets and leather bracelets.  Whether you believe it or not, stone bead bracelets are said to have healing powers and bring good luck.  Aside from that, the zen style look is pretty cool.

Then there are leather bracelets which is the classic style.  You'll find actors like Jason Mamoa, Chris Hemsworth, Justin Timberlake all enjoying men's bracelet accessories. 


mens rings
This is usually a little harder, so I would avoid it at first until you have found your style. But if you really insist on having a ring, try to avoid any rings that are small or delicate.  Generally, you want something medium-sized to something strong and masculine.  




tie bar
Tie bars really add a sense of class to your suit game.  Go with the clean minimalistic look and slowly up your tie bar collection. 
The tie clip is a clothing accessory that is used to clip a tie to the underlying shirt front. This prevents your tie from swinging around as well or getting messy when you go about your day.  Keep your appearance neat and uniform. And yes, there is a for you to shop for these kinds of items.

So what’re your men's accessories like? Please let me know if I missed anything! Use the comments below.

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