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6 Practical Personal Accessories That Every Businessman Should Have

March 29, 2022

Knowing your product or service, having a knack for sales, and being experienced with team management are some of the basic things that a businessman needs in order to achieve success. However, there are several other things that you need to do as a businessman to build your company. Meeting with other professionals, educating yourself about the latest developments in your industry, and staying in touch with stakeholders are a few important things to address. During all of these activities, it is important that you have the tools you need to be successful in these tasks. Here are a few of the basic things that no businessman should ever leave home without.

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  •  Watch

  • Some of the best watches in the world can cost more than the average home. The purpose is not merely aesthetic; you want something that is functional as well. Other than the price points, there are many different types of watches with a variety of features. It is important that you pick the right watch for the job, ideally something that looks good and also performs well.

    Modern smartwatches are a great choice in this department. They are modestly priced, they look fantastic, and they have more features than a Rolex. Once you can afford a better watch, you might want to move to a designer brand. You may, however, decide to stick with the smartwatch because of the practicality that it provides. Or you can opt for something classic, yet elegant such as vintage pocket watches that can be worn in formal occasions.


    One of the most important things in your closet is your shoes. As a businessman, you need to look the part for both your team and the clients that you interact with, and shoes play a big role in this department. Whether your business environment is formal, semiformal, or casual will help you determine the right kind of shoes.

    Just like watches, you want to make sure the shoes will do the job well. If you are constantly on the move, and you walk a lot during the day, you want something that is stylish yet comfortable. High-end leather shoes might look great, but they can be uncomfortable if you need to walk a lot. Consider the latest hybrid shoes that have a leather body with a rubber sole. These are good-looking shoes that are excellent if you need to walk or stand a lot.


    Pens remain important today, even as we delve deeper into the digital era. You might need to take a quick note, you might have to write down someone’s number because they ran out of business cards, or you might just like that extra weight in your pocket. According to a Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen review, their fountain pens are both classy and reliable. The last thing you want is your pen to be coughing ink all over the place or worse, not working at all, when you need to write something down urgently. Fountain pens can be completely rebuilt, and it is very easy to refill ink, so they can easily serve you for decades. Some of the best pens can cost quite a bit, but at the very least you want a good quality pen that you can carry everywhere.


    Phones, gadgets, and the internet have become intertwined with our everyday life. No business is really alive unless it is present on the internet, and as a business owner, you need to have access to your business 24/7. Phones play an important part in business and as a businessman, especially in this era where digital currencies such as buying bitcoins has become such an important part of our entrepreneurial world. This is also why you should have a good phone to use as well as a good phone cover incase of an accident. It’s also a good idea to invest in a reliable laptop or a tablet to help you through more extensive tasks at work. If you have 5G available in your region, then consider getting a 5G connection and a 5G capable device to go with it.


    business attire

    You need to look the part on certain occasions. Whether that is an investor meeting or just a group dinner with the team, a suit will be your best friend. Off-the-shelf suits are great, but if you want something that really makes you stand out, then consider getting a tailor-made suit. It's best to look at a good suit as an investment rather than mere expenditure, as with good care it can last you several years. Don't neglect suit accessories such as tie clips and cufflinks. Business people always pay attention to details.

    Mouth Freshener

    Businessmen are constantly interacting with people, and personal hygiene is very important. After a coffee, a heavy lunch, or after a quick nap, you need something to freshen you up. Having a mouth freshener in your pocket is a great tip and can come in handy in difficult situations. If you ever need a little sugar rush during a boring meeting, having mouth freshening gum or candy will be very useful.


    The important thing to keep in mind when building your arsenal of accessories is to make them functional. There is little point in having a great pair of shoes if you can’t wear them to work or having the latest gadgets when you don’t have any use for them in your career. Look at what you need, and then buy the things that will best serve those purposes. It should never be solely about getting the most expensive things, but rather about getting the most useful things.

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