5 Stylish Ways with a Marble Bow tie

5 Stylish Ways with a Marble Bow tie

May 25, 2017

Laguna Blue BowtieBowtie has been hot for awhile...again! Ever since Justin Timberlake brought "Sexy back" with his "suit and tie" album.

Now, if you're looking for something stylish, quirky, fun and more importantly..different to wear for your special occasion.  Then look no further than the fabulously handcrafted marble bow tie.  

Think about it.  When have you seen or even HEARD of real marble bowties?  

It's a perfect choice if you like grabbing the spotlight.  Marble bow ties are the perfect choice for that guy/woman that wants to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons on an important day/event/occasion, whatever it is!

Depending on your style and creativity, there are several stylish ways to wear a marble bowtie.   

Here are 5 ways you can use for reference to wearing your bow tie. 

1. Wear Your Marble Bow Tie with a Crisp White Button-Up

This is most obvious as it's the traditional look for bow ties.  You can't go wrong with a well-fitted button up shirt with a stiff collar matched with a Nero Marquina marble bowtie for contrast.  This look is nice for weddings, formal events or graduations. 

I usually go for the slim fit look.  But everybody has different body types. The best way to gauge is to make sure you can fit two fingers between your collar and neck.  Then check to see if the lining on your sleeve aligns with your shoulder and the sides hug your body a little bit.

Having that white background really helps bring out the fine grains and polish of the marble bow tie.


2. The Preppy Polo Look

If you're getting ready for a Hamptons party and want to steal some attention.  The preppy polo look is one that seems to always be in fashion.  Have a nice sweater vest over a nice luxury fabric of wool or cashmere, matched with your marble bow tie.

Embrace the preppy collegiate look, matched with your unique bow tie and confidence.

If you really want that attention, you can also switch over to a V-neck sweater vest to show off your natural stone bow tie. 

3. Streetwear Style 

For those who enjoy more the casual streetwear style, you can perfectly match your marble bow tie with your favorite denim shirt.  It's a great way to enhance up your wardrobe staple.  This style will give your outfit a nice vintage and rustic feel that is quite trendy right now.  Go with some dark pants to ensure your overall look is formal enough for an event.

4. Urkel Suspender Style With Your Marble Bow Tie 

As much as Urkel appeared to be the nerdy kid on the hit sitcom Family Matters, we all loved his style.  And if you pride yourself on being a fashionable guy/girl to always stand out from the crowd.  Then why not make a real style statement by pairing your natural marble bow tie with a pair of suspenders.

We know R&B superstar Ne-yo loves his suspender look.

This is one of the most fashion forward suggestions on this list, but why not be a little daring with your style and give this look a go? 

5. Pop Pop Pop Yo Collar

Many people will go for the simple and classic look, which is great.  But if you're like us! Our philosophy is that you live only once (YOLO), make an impact and be the best you can!  Inject your own sense of style, be different, be daring and live a little. Express your personality through your fashionable style.  Go with a more vibrant color.

The handcrafted marble bow tie is the perfect way to show off your outfit and be in the limelight. It's classy, different, and modern at the same time.

Have fun with it!

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