Why Marble iPhone Cases?

Why Marble iPhone Cases?

January 22, 2018

A lot of people ask us why did we choose to use marble as our theme?  Well, in short, we wanted to create a company and products that were different, that truly was unique. And since marble patterning is a natural design, every piece we create utilizing marble will always be different.  This guarantees us no two pieces will ever be the same.

Unique Factor

So it was an easy choice to use marble.  On top of that, we had the technology to process marble as thin as a credit card and ensure durability at the same time.


As you can see, there are so many variations in just one piece of marble slab. 

Even just cutting from a different angle changes the design of each marble iPhone case.

Continuing on the unique factor.  We knew how saturated the iPhone case industry is and also how it is very much dominated by strong players.  So as a new and smaller player, we needed something that no one else had.


Yes, there were "marble iPhone cases" already on the market. However, it was all hard plastic cases with printed marble designs.  Meaning, every case had the same exact marble design. Some of the bigger companies used 2 ~ 3 different designs and mixed it up to create "variation".  

And nothing is wrong with that, it was still a popular choice.  For us, we wanted to provide our niche customer group the real deal.  Most cases are either standard print, IP based designs, military-grade protective cases, built in battery charging case, wallet cases and so on.

But there wasn't really a luxury tech, or luxury iPhone case available. And the ones made out of real gold or studded with diamonds were way too expensive.

Having a nice polished marble really exemplifies a luxury status.  Even though we cut it to 0.7mm thick, there is still a little bit weight that gives it more of a real feel.

Imagine holding a regular credit card and then holding an AMEX Black card. Just the weight alone in the AMEX credit card gives it a superior feel.

So using marble gave us that "edge" in terms of positioning our brand, our product to a higher status. 

We could offer people that are willing to pay an extra $20,  $30 dollars more to have a real marble iPhone case over a plastic printed marble iPhone case.  I like to call it "affordable luxury".  


As the popularity of iPhone users grew, it's accessory has grown to become a fashionable item rather than simply a protective case.  If you go to almost any fashion house such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Tom Ford, and so on, you'll certainly find an iPhone case there.  It's because iPhone cases are now fashionable! 

This was the group we wanted to cater to! People often ask us how protective our cases are.  And we are honest, our cases provide standard protection.  But if you tend to drop your iPhone frequently or work in rough environments, we recommend you companies such as Pure Gear that offer more protective cases.  

It's very difficult to combine durability with cases and fashion.  In order for cases to be protective, it requires more bulk for cushioning.  Having a bulky case is not fashionable, let me tell you that now.  Atleast not the fashion trend at this moment.


Every company has their brand story. Every design has a story of why and how it was created.  Every marble we choose has an even longer story filled with history

And this is probably one of the most important factors for us. There is true meaning in the products we produce.  Every color, every piece has a story of its own.  That, however, is in our other blog posts as each marble has a full story of its own.

You can read up more on our blog posts if this interests you.


In the end, we love being in this niche space!  We don't like having to "sell" you a product.

90% of our customers have an appreciation for marble and understand its "selling points".  If I need to try and sell you the difference between real marble and printed marble, then we probably aren't a right fit for you.  

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