Origin of Emerald Green Stone Quarry

Origin of Emerald Green Stone Quarry

December 22, 2017

Emerald Green Quarry
Emerald Green Quarry in Hualien, Taiwan
The Emerald Green marble quarry is a newer stone on the market which has only been quarried for the past twenty years. Compared to stones like the Italian Carrara white, or Spanish Nero Marquina which have been used for hundreds of years, this stone is just a baby in its use.  
The quarry is located on the eastern coast of the island country Taiwan.  
Even though this stone is much younger compared its brother and sister quarries, the emerald green material is harder and more durable than the other stones.  It's actually considered a Serpentine and not a marble. Through its beautiful white veins, you will also find streaks of black veining as well that blend together. The darker areas you see are actual contents of jade which is why we call it Emerald green.
The rich green tone with its white and light green veining has made it very popular with interior designers. You can find this beautiful piece of stone used throughout the world such as Turkey's international airport to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston, Texas.
The lively green creates an atmosphere of rich elegance blended with a sense of nature's beauty.
Emerald Green Blocks
The photo above are raw blocks the size of a very big shed that has been extracted from the quarry.
Emerald Green Processing
It is then slowly shaped and cut into slabs either for commercial construction use such as tiles, countertops, columns, wall cladding, etc
Emerald Green Slabs
The blocks are cut into slabs like the above photo for further processing.  As you can see, those ugly rough looking blocks come out beautifully once the stone is polished and cleaned up.
We then take the slabs and process them further into accessories such as tie clips, cufflinks, dog tag necklaces and our famous iPhone cases.

Why did we choose this stone?

Because it's beautiful! And..... we love the white veining with the deep rich green contrast that represents nature.  Yes, we are very shallow, and beauty comes first when we are selecting a new stone.
But then we look at "personality" of the stone.  The history, where it's from, what it represents.
Taiwan is a very young country to begin with.  But even for a hundred-year-old country, it's gone through a refuge stage, war, development and prosperity.  Let alone, the island itself is absolutely amazing!  Crystal clear rivers and lakes that run throughout the country, shielded by green mountains and surrounded by magnificent beaches!
Our philosophy of using natural stones is so you can "bring a piece of the world with you".  Taiwan is a country we would like to share with the world.  

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