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Tricks to make your bathroom look more expensive than it actually is

January 13, 2021

 Bathrooms can be a tough place to decorate by their very nature of how they are meant to be used. Let’s take a look at how you can make it look more expensive.

The average amount that is paid for remodeling a bathroom these days is about $18,000. With that amount of insane money being spent, we would not blame you for metaphorically throwing in the towel and just retiling your bathroom in onyx or even marble or maybe you want to install a claw-foot tub that is gold plated. Once again, we will not blame you for these choices. 

It is therefore pretty lucky for the rest of us that it has become easier than it has ever been to fake these fancy stuff for just a fraction of what it costs to get the actual thing installed. We have talked to a bunch of design experts on this exact issue and the following are what they have suggested to make even the most basic bathroom look exciting, fun and most importantly, expensive.

Make sure you tile diagonally

bathroom tiles 

A lot of experts recommend that you tile diagonally rather than tiling along the square in line that is vertical or horizontal. This simple trick will go a long way in making your bathroom look fancy, and it will also open the space considerably as well. This can be a crucial thing if your bathroom is cramped for space. Here are some bathroom tile ideas you can look into.

A lot of professionals in the design world also recommend fully covering at least one wall in tile and to do it all the way up to the ceiling. What this will accomplish is that it will add some sparkle and also some dimension onto a surface that is otherwise lifeless.

Making sure you select the right material is of utmost importance but how exactly it is that you make use of those materials is even more important. Adding tiles to a small area does not fully optimize the potential the material has to offer.


While it is true that tiling can be an extremely expensive venture especially if you are thinking of getting professional installers. But if you happen to be an adventurous DIYer then it can be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate and also hone your DIY skills.

 Large-Scale Lighting Can Go a Long Way 

One trick that a lot of professional interior designers use in bathrooms is to make use of large-scale light fixtures. One particular thing that is very popular in this domain is the flush-mount chandelier. These have the potential to really make a big impact overhead but there is the huge advantage of the chandelier not taking up any of the physical space within the room. One of the points that we hope will be instilled in you after you go through this article is that space is a luxury and you would do well to remember it when decorating your bathroom (traditionally a space that is not the largest). 

Make Proper Use of Plants


Plants that look fresh and are in galvanized patterns have the potential to help draw the eye up. As a result of this, a lot of experts posit that it really does help with making a small space appear much larger than it actually is. That should be one of the primary goals when decorating a space that is traditionally not the largest and as we have mentioned before, you would do well to remember that space is a luxury.


One concern that many people have with plants in the bathroom is that they do not want to place a living thing inside a bathroom. The fact of the matter, however, is that a lot of plants actually thrive in the conditions that a bathroom provides. You can try aloe vera plants, Boston ferns and also even orchids.

 Classy Containers

marble showers 

When we talk about classy containers we are not just talking about getting one of those accessory sets for bathrooms that have matching soap dispensers and also a holder for toothbrushes. When we are talking about classy containers we are getting at rehoming all the drugstore stuff that you have throughout your bathroom. Try to picture beautiful glass bottles or maybe dispensers for all the toiletries that you have such as your shampoo, body wash or your lotion.


These classy containers can really help make your bathroom space look that much more special and luxurious and it will do so throughout the bathroom. It will work amazingly well if the toiletries you have happen to be on the cheaper side of things.


Whether we want to admit it or not, we all like stuff and spaces that look expensive. With these tips and tricks provided by experts you can very easily (and very cheaply) make your bathroom space look that much better.



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