The Importance of User-Friendly Design when Marketing to Professionals

The Importance of User-Friendly Design when Marketing to Professionals

February 10, 2020


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When much of your working life revolves around using computers and other electronic devices, it's essential to feel comfortable with your equipment. Comfort doesn't just mean an operating system that meets your needs - it's also about the actual feel of the product.


Whether it's a touchscreen with precisely the right level of sensitivity and the perfect display, or a keyboard that lets your fingers fly, an interface that enables you to maximize productivity is crucial to working life.


Anyone marketing electronic products, whether to offices or professionals, must bear a few things in mind when designing their product. Here are some excellent ideas for optimizing your offering:


1) Understand the Modern Professional


With many professionals operating outside of the traditional workplace now, equipment is more of a personal statement than ever. The laptop you see using someone on the train is almost an extension of that person, and we need our most prized possessions to fit seamlessly into our lives.


Gone are the days of clunky keyboards and ugly box monitors. There was a time when office workers would look at their desktop interfaces with the kind of loathing seen in the film Office Space. No longer. Professionals today want to love their devices, and if you're going to market your product to them, you need to make it an offering that they're always happy to see.


2) Work with the Best People


When you're planning to bring your product to market, you need to make sure it stands out in every way. Finding experienced partners who can deliver what you're looking for is the best plan in this regard. Consider who you're hoping will buy your product, what you want the design to look like, and how you want it to function.


The right partner will offer a bespoke service and listen to your needs before coming up with a genuinely dazzling solution that makes your product the best it can be. For example, if your design involves a keyboard, Hoffman + Krippner custom input devices are a solution that might help bring your vision to fruition.


Never accept less than the best in terms of design and execution. Your customers won't, so you can't either.



3) A Better Kind of Office


Of course, the traditional office workplace is still very much alive and kicking, but that doesn't mean it can't undergo some improvement.


As well as professionals who work on the go, marketing your product to companies who work in-house will be far easier if they feel you're able to bring their workplace into the 21st Century. Slick design and user-friendly interfaces make a company far more attractive for potential new hires, as well as improving worker productivity.

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Whether it's a calculator or a laptop, your product will benefit from a design that is comfortable for users and visually appealing. Keep on top of design trends and consider what would bring the contemporary workplace to life. Being attuned to current demands is critical in making a product that will succeed.


4) Keep It Simple

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Simplicity is beauty. This rule is especially true of sophisticated electronic devices. Accessibility is everything to the busy professional, so making sure you're not overcrowding your product with features will help it sell. An approachable interface and simple, pleasing design are vital to creating a marketable product.


Article provided by Scott Law 

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