Marble Wallet Made with Shatterproof technology

Marble Wallet Made with Shatterproof technology

July 19, 2018

Minimalist Wallet

When we first created the minimalist marble wallet, we knew there would be several concerns about the functionality, weight, and fragility.

This is why we would like to go into further details and address these common concerns.


Minimalist wallets are built to keep just the important cards and some cash so it's convenient for you to just take it and go. 

billfold credit card cash

Compared to bulky wallets in your back pocket, your lower back will thank you for using minimalist wallets.

The lumpy wallet that you sit on is actually a huge long-term health problem for your back! The minimalist wallets are slim, so it won't affect your back when you put it in the back pocket and sit on them. Plus, most people keep it in the front pocket anyway.

Mens fashion wallet

The cutouts designed by the MIKOL team is not just for aesthetic appeal, but also functionality.  Either end of the cutout allows users to easily push up the credit card and pull out the one they desire.  Becuase of the elastic band, you can easily flip through which card you would like to use.  That band also allows you to slip in some cash that you may need to use.


This was a major issue when we first started the company.  People had this notion that marble must be heavy, or that we weren't using real marble. Of course, overtime through proper education and customers experiencing our products were they able to realize what technology could bring to the world.

For those of you who are not aware of our ultra-thin marble processing technology, the marble we produce is as thin as a credit card.  

The natural marble and granite pieces we produce are roughly 1mm thick. Traditional marble and granite slabs that most people are accustomed to are 20mm thick.  That is why marble traditional is very heavy.  Most people have seen thin metal or steel sheets, so they know it can be light. But, it's the same concept. If you increase the thickness of the metal or steel 20x, that piece will become heavy as well.


Marble processing  


This was definitely a major concern as well.  However, because the first item we introduced were marble iPhone cases, they had a PU protector.  Therefore, it seemed to have eased most people's concerns. The marble notebook journals, naturally thought it wouldn't be dropped as much.

A bigger challenge came with the touch marble business cards that were really a hit for us.

What we found out, was that these were giveaway products, so again, it was a concern but people were able to overcome them more easily.  And after using our products, they learned how durable it was.

Minimalist wallets made out of real marble is the biggest obstacle in education for us. 

Wallets are handled all the time. They tend to be dropped, tossed around, and comes with a lot of wear and tear.

The good thing about our minimalist wallets is that it's made out of real marble. So it won't wear out over time such as traditional leather wallets.  The color becomes darker and more beautiful as you use it since the marble soaks up the oils in your hands everytime it's used.

Now! The ultimate question is will this marble wallet break or shatters when it is dropped!  Instead of describing it to you with our own words, we decided to make a quick clip and demonstrate it! 


Please comment and let us know what you think.  Or if you have any other concerns that we can help answer.




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