Modern Interior Design Trends 2019

Modern Interior Design Trends 2019

October 19, 2020 4 Comments

Modern Interior Design Trends 2019


Staying on par with the latest trends can be challenging in the world of interior design which is so fast-paced that today’s cool can become tomorrow’s passé. Luckily, the Décor + Design Show in Melbourne is a great weathervane where influencers are presenting next hot interior trends, innovative furnishings, and home décor items much earlier than they become mainstream. Let’s delve into the home interior design trends we’re about to see in 2019.  

Wellness kitchens

Wellness kitchen

With many people pursuing healthy lifestyles which include more thought given to food sourcing, preparation, and sustainability, the evolving concept of the wellness kitchen is starting to include recycled and sustainable, but hygienic materials, as well as designs and layouts that promote social interaction and foster family relationships. Revolving around simplicity, wellness kitchens are therapeutic spaces –  ordered, organized, and de-cluttered environments that help homeowners feel relaxed and even grow some of the living produce in small-scale indoor farming units. With sage green the predominant colour, the other choices include pastels and neutrals like stonewashed blue and rose beige, as well as oatmeal and mist grey.

Bathroom retreats


Bathrooms seem to follow the suit in their own way, becoming places devoted to personal wellbeing, rather than simply functional and necessary places. A 2019 bathroom is a sanctuary that gives protection from trials and tribulations of modern life, as well as a refuge from stresses within the home itself. Time, privacy, and quiet have become new luxuries, so in efforts to create calming bathroom environments, interior designers have begun incorporating many elements of cozy living rooms, which include small soft upholstered pieces, pendant lighting clusters with dimming options, and plenty of comfy accessories like cushions. In addition, with the inclusion of timber elements, a bathroom can become a zen-like meditation chamber.

Marble decors

Marble coffee table

In the few past decades, marble has unjustly fallen out of the spotlight of interior design so much that at mentioning this noble stone as a design element, people envisage spacious, cold rooms adorned with motionless ornate sculptures. But now marble is back, as designers are finding innovative ways to give a classic touch to interior decor and still keep it modern. However, the key to successfully using this timeless element is to use it in small quantities, in accents and statement pieces such as half-columns that divide a bigger space, or having a partial marble floor anchoring your dining room table. A marble-topped coffee table makes a valuable addition to your home that is to last for generations.

Innovative bedroom lighting


Although the 2018 Australia Houzz & Home Renovation Trends Study shows that kitchens still top the lists of interior remodels frequency, bedrooms are following close behind, pushing the bathrooms to the third place. Instead of resorting to the traditional ceiling and wall options, interior designers are inventing new ways to incorporate ambient lighting into bedrooms. When it comes to lighting, keep in mind that however DIY-savvy you may be, unlicensed electrical work is illegal in many places, Australia included. Whichever solution you chose, it’s always better to let a qualified Sydney electrician install the lighting. Inherently a place of rest and intimacy, the bedroom has never been on terms with traditional lighting options, so an ultra-modern and chic bright white bed platform with integrated indirect lighting feels just the thing you need. Another innovative bedroom design focuses on creating a soothing atmosphere with a large mattress on the floor, abundance of timber and recessed floor lighting.

Curved furniture

wireless charger

Hugely popular in the 1960s and a source of ridicule from then on, curved furniture pieces made a surprising impact at recent design shows, ending the decades’ long reign of rigid lines. A crimson kidney-shaped velvet sofa can lend an otherwise masculine room a quintessential touch of sensuality, and protecting it from falling unto a fad that will soon expire. Curved lines are also seen taking hold on table tops, even rugs, but the return of curved sofas seems like the most intriguing trend of 2019 interior design.

Return of the boho

While it never truly faded away, boho has had its impact on the design world a decade ago, but the rich offset nature of that style couldn’t keep up with trends that increasingly focused on subdued forms of expressive design. However, no one could hope that we’ll see it again in almost every list and every showroom featuring 2019 interior design trends, but then it’s not difficult to see why. Boho design feels unexpected – it will definitely set your home apart, but perhaps the most alluring feature of this eclectic decorating style is its ability to effortlessly include a whimsical character in almost any residential environment.

The interior colours and design trends of 2019 mirror the cultural impulse of people to find harmony in life and support each other instead of spending money on lavish furnishings. With boldly eccentric and often costly decorating ideas behind us, this year promises a succession of trends that are practical, eco-friendly, and comfortable.


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