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How to Design a Property for Privacy

February 18, 2022

This article is full of good privacy ideas for homeowners. Privacy is becoming ever more important in our daily world. We are all used to thinking about privacy in strictly digital terms, but privacy offline is just as important. A space where you can just be is wonderful to have.

Orientation of Windows

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Ask for an essay on the subject of privacy from PerfectEssay, they’re professionals in essay writing on any topics. Windows exist to let sunlight and air into your home, yes, but that isn’t all. Windows let people see into your house! It isn’t polite to look through somebody’s windows, but plenty of people do it.

Face it, clear glass windows are not conducive to privacy. Fortunately, there are ways to combat this.

When you are looking for privacy, consider where your windows actually are. Do they face on to the street? That is the worst place for them to face. You need to invest in some net curtains to gain more privacy. Windows that are large and facing high traffic areas are a huge problem. Try and find a property that has fewer windows in prominent spaces. This is a property which will have more privacy.

If you are building a property, then take this opportunity to make windows that serve their purpose. Use skylights for light into a room. Try and space your high traffic areas so that their windows will face into your private outdoor space. Build a wall around your property so that people can’t be tempted to look through your windows.

Layered Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces can be difficult in privacy terms.

The obvious methods are to build tall wooden fence panels and the like. This doesn’t always work though.

The best way to handle this is to use your property for privacy. Try and structure the outdoor space so that some of it shields the rest of it from prying eyes.

The most extreme landscaping can turn part of your garden into a hill that obscures the rest. This is a good option for somebody who can’t put fences up! It does mean you will have to sacrifice a portion of your living space.

A less time-consuming option is to use the plants in your garden. What plants you buy depend on your taste. Why not buy some bamboo and place it in strategic areas around your garden? Bamboo grows very fast, so eventually it would create a natural shield around that area.

The current fashion for residential homes is an L-shaped house. If you build it correctly, you can use the house itself to provide privacy when you are outside.  If you build a patio in the corner of your new house, then it will be sheltered on both sides.

Use Privacy Panels and Trellises

Panels and trellises are good for privacy. They can be used to help house privacy, but they can also provide privacy within the property itself.

Privacy panels and trellises can create the illusion of privacy. You can use trellises to section off different areas of a garden, for example. Set up a trellis between a seating area, and a child’s play area. You can see through a trellis, and are still nearby if anything goes wrong. But the trellis is there to give an illusion of privacy. That can be all you need.

Privacy panels can be good for keeping prying eyes away from your property. Many properties in built up residential areas have privacy panels between the gardens.

They are particularly useful because they are cheap and easy to install. You can put them up in an afternoon, and take them down just as easily. Meanwhile, retaining walls can also be used to create barriers that can increase privacy and security. Retaining walls can be built using a variety of materials, such as steel posts, concrete blocks, natural stone, or timber. Depending on the height and design of the wall, it can effectively block the view of neighboring properties or roadways, providing more privacy for the homeowner. 

The best selling point for both trellises and panels is that they are temporary. Rather than a wall or a hedge, you can change them up when you want to. If you want to have different areas of your garden private at different times, you can do that!

Design a Property for Audio Privacy

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As mentioned above, the current fad is to design an L-shaped house. If you decide to go down this route, then you should design it so that your living rooms and kitchens face away from any high traffic areas. This will help to keep your day to day life more private than it might otherwise be.

When building a house, your architect would likely also advise certain additions to your property. Things like getting offset windows to keep people from looking in, choosing the proper spot for a building, and clearly delineating between private and public spaces. Every design option can work towards keeping your privacy without compromising on comfort.

Remember that privacy is just as important inside a property as out. If you have people over, you don’t want them wandering into your bedroom! When you build a property, try and design it so that everyone is shunted away from areas that are private. This can be by keeping everything on separate floors, or by clever floor design.

Install a Security Camera

security camera

Sometimes the best way of creating privacy is to make sure you know who is breaking it! If you absolutely cannot avoid having windows or doors near public areas, invest in a good security camera.

Security cameras are fantastic. They can pick up and record everything that happens on your property. If your privacy is being violated, a security camera can help you get it sorted out. You can take the recordings to the police, and they will help you.

Security cameras also help with privacy because they act as a deterrent. We all know the normal tricks to dissuade robbery – keep lights on, have a very visible house alarm, and don’t leave valuables in plain sight. Many robbers will also look for security cameras before they make their move. A visible security camera can be enough to make would-be thieves go away. It can also work for vandals and others. Nobody wants to run the risk of being caught, after all.

Security cameras are now quite cheap. It’s easy to get one, and to get it up and working. Privacy is Always Welcome

Our article is full of ways to use your property for privacy ideas. You may not be able to use them all in your property, but they may give you some ideas. We all like our privacy. These tips are just the start – they might help give you other ideas!

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