Elevate Your Bedroom with These 7 Essentials

Elevate Your Bedroom with These 7 Essentials

January 29, 2019

Bedroom Decor

You don’t have to be a professional designer in order to make your bedroom look like one from the interior design magazines. All it takes is some knowledge, patience, time, and effort. So, to help you bring your bedroom to the next level, here are seven things you should know.

Choose a theme

For starters, you should come up with a theme for your bedroom. It can be a time period, location, or simply a design that you like. Once you come up with the theme, you should choose the larger items according to it – your bed, lighting fixtures, rugs, etc. Other, smaller accessories can stray a bit from the main theme, or they can simply be neutral.

Moreover, to make the bedroom more elegant, you should try to find the balance between the design elements. That means that your main color should cover about 60% of your bedroom, second color 30%, and the remaining percent should include accent colors. The same goes for patterns and prints – you can mix them as much as you want, but there should be one primary print or pattern.

Introduce marble into your life

Marble Wall

Marble has become quite popular this year; you can find marble bracelets, iPhone cases, purses, and even bow ties. It has become a symbol of elegance, class, and luxury, so why not add it to your bedroom as well? For example, you can hang some stunning marble artwork on the walls, or you can introduce a marble nightstand or a simple marble wireless charging pad that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

bedroom wireless charger

No matter which marble piece you choose, though, you can rest assured that it would instantly transform your entire bedroom.

Light it up

If you want your bedroom to truly be elegant, make sure your lights are not too strong. You should have more than one lighting source, and you should know how to layer the sources correctly. It would allow you to set the brightness of the lights depending on your mood or occasion. As for the fixtures, you should think about getting a luxurious chandelier, a few sconces, and maybe a couple of lamps for some late-night reading. Moreover, the fixtures can also help you spice up your bedroom – there are many abstract, unusual, and shiny lighting fixtures that would fit any style. Also, you should let in as much natural light as possible during the day.

Set a focal point

bedroom interior

It’s safe to say that the bed is the most important element in the room. No matter whether it is big, small, cheap or expensive – it can serve as a great focal point. All it needs is an eye-catching headboard. So, choose a headboard with an unusual shape or some other notable feature, but make sure it fits the overall theme of your bedroom. Moreover, to make your bed truly draw attention, there shouldn’t be any clutter. The accessories you have should all be complementing your bed, like minimalistic photos or mirrors that match the color palette.

Add stylish furniture pieces

If your bedroom happens to be a bit larger, and you have some unused space near the window, think about adding a comfy chair, a small table, and perhaps you could also introduce one of those beautiful Turkish rugs that can increase the comfort level of the entire room. Besides boosting the visual appeal of your room, such a setup could be very practical as well. It could serve as your reading nook, a place for your morning coffee, or a small workstation for those late-night work projects.

Upgrade your night table

Night Stand

Night tables are a pretty important part of every bedroom. However, most of them tend to become a bit cluttered with all the little things we leave next to our bed. So, before you do anything with your nightstand, you should first declutter it. Get rid of anything you don’t need, and try to change the habit of leaving things on it – you don’t need anything except a glass of water, lamp, your favorite book, and maybe a scented candle or a vase with some flowers. Next, think about replacing the hardware on the table – crystal or brass can be a great option for a luxurious bedroom.

Add greenery

Last but not least, one of the best ways to upgrade the visual appeal of your bedroom is by introducing more greenery. Besides the fact that plants can purify the air inside, they can also help you emphasize the accent colors. No matter whether you choose a large fern to place in the corner or small potted flowers you can arrange on your shelves, adding a few plants can greatly boost the appearance of any room.

Your bedroom is not only the room in which you sleep but also a part of your home, and being so, it reflects your sense of style just as much as any other room. So, consider the listed tips, and your time spent in this room will be more enjoyable than ever before.

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