waitomo glow worms

Design Inspired by New Zealand Glow worms

December 14, 2022


At MIKOL, we have been preparing for the big iPhone X launch!  Just like Apple, we wanted to create something very different and special for the 10th anniversary iPhone.

Coincidently, our creative director was on a trip to New Zealand not too long ago.  

During one of his visits on the north island of New Zealand, he decided to go on a cave exploration.  

Cave Exploring 

That day was particularly rainy.  The caves were getting really flooded with water.  Good thing everyone was geared up in a wetsuit, helmet, and tube.  As we slowly entered the cave with only our headlights to lead the way, it became darker and darker until the light shining through the entrance of the tunnel dwindles away.

As it rained harder, the water flow became more and more powerful. Our creative director continued his journey trekking in the water, climbing over boulders and also diving in the water to get past various obstacles.  

There was a mixed sense of excitement, exhaustion and at the same time trying to keep your body warm.

After an hour or so into the cave, there is a long calm stream where the tube finally came in handy.  We positioned ourselves onto the tube, aligning every member of the group into a straight line as we were quietly pushed downstream. 

We all turned off our headlights. It was pitch black and everyone was dead silent. You could only hear the water running past you.

Waitomo Caves

At this very calming moment, you slowly start to notice a glow in the ceiling.  As you rested your head back and looked up into the ceiling, you could see thousands of stars shining so bright and close.

The fascinating part is that these "stars" were glowworms illuminated and guiding us a path out of the cave.

Cave Exploring

But it was also this particular moment that our creative director had the idea of transforming this magnificent site of "stars attached to the rocks" to our iPhone X case application!

He wanted to take away what he saw and share it with the world!

Waitomo Ruby iPhone X case

The glowworm, Arachnocampa luminosa, is unique to New Zealand. Thousands of these tiny creatures radiate their unmistakable luminescent light in these Caves.

The discovery was at Waitomo Glowworm Caves, which is why we decided to name it after this spectacular location and call it Waitomo Ruby as it really is a hidden gem! 


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