9 Decorating Myths You Can Totally Ignore

9 Decorating Myths You Can Totally Ignore

September 17, 2019


Sometimes, decorating your home may feel a bit too complicated and overwhelming, especially with so many “rules” that you’re supposed to stick to. But, the secret of the most beautiful interiors is finding a home décor that is to your own preference. In case you’re not sure what to do, here are some tips about decorating myths that shouldn't be ignored.

1. The Ceiling Should Always Be White

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You have probably heard numerous times that regardless of the color of your walls, the ceiling should always be kept plain white. Well, that’s simply not true. Certain wall shades such as bold yellow or deep green don’t match well with a stark white ceiling at all – especially if there are no other white elements in the room. That said, don’t hesitate to opt for other, more complementary shades for your ceiling that actually match the walls and furniture effectively.

2. Never Mix Patterns and Prints

Another well-known decorating myth says that you should never mix different prints and patterns in your interior. And, as you can probably guess, this isn’t necessarily true at all. These days, eclectic décor style is gaining in popularity and if you know how to pair your prints and patterns, you can easily introduce them in any room together. Don’t hesitate to let your creativity and personality shine through your décor just because there’s such an outdated decorating myth going around.

3. The Chairs Should Always Come in a Matching Set

Completely false. What’s more, different styles and types of chairs can look especially well together. Of course, there should be one common element to unify them, but you’re never limited to specific sets. The same goes for your sofa, armchairs and ottomans. It’s true that it was common to buy these items in matching sets in the past, but in this day and age, it’s more effective and interesting to effectively pair items that differ from each other, especially when seating arrangement is concerned.

4. Dark Colours Aren’t Fit for Small Rooms

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It’s very common to hear that small rooms should always be painted in light and neutral colours to create a visually bigger space. However, that’s not entirely true. What creates the visually bigger space is the use of one unified colour for the entire room. In that respect, you can freely use darker shades such as deep green, blue or burgundy; the point is to choose one shade that feels most pleasant to you personally. Whether it’s dark or not doesn’t have any merit at all.

5. Décor Pieces Should Match

Now, this myth definitely doesn’t make sense. If you can have furniture of different styles you better believe that you can feature decorative bits and bobs as well as artwork of different style, too. The only thing that you need to remember here is that the décor you want to use makes you feel happy. And you can still find a way to match them in your own creative way. That said, if you like how the dark forest print looks next to the marble geometric art piece, go for it! And if you like how the marble tray pairs against a wicker plant pot, feel free to arrange them that way. This is definitely an aspect of your home where the only one to set the rules should be you.

6. Never Use Outdoor Elements for Indoor Décor

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The separation between the outdoors and indoors has been clearly made, but you don’t really have to honour that separation for absolutely every single décor element. For instance, climbing plants can look especially charming and whimsical in any interior – they are not reserved for your yard only. Furthermore, you can always use timber cladding for your interior design if your goal is to create a warmer, cosier, and more cabin-like personal environment. Also, if it matches your decorating style, feel free to play with wicker for your indoor furniture as well, and maybe even stone structures such as tall statues for a striking focal point. In the end, your home is your canvas.

7. Don’t Mix Different Metals

Using metal finishes for your hardware and other surfaces is really popular, especially since you can choose between different kinds of metal as well as mat and glossy coating. In general, gold and copper are warm tones while silver and nickel are considered to be cool tones. And, as you probably already know, the myth states that you should never mix these metals together. Well, if you want to add more dimension and glamour to your personal space, you can do exactly that!

8. Keep Your Art High Up

A very common decorating myth states that you should always place your art pieces high up. It’s said that your other decorative elements such as flower vases and similar should never obscure your art. Well, the truth is that this can look rather awkward and impersonal. Feel free to move that art down. It should be at least at your eye level. Also, there’s nothing wrong with other decorative elements covering a corner of your artwork. This can actually look a lot more endearing and personal compared to keeping everything at a safe distance.

9. Scatter Cushions Should Always Be an Odd Number

It’s really strange that this particular decorating myth has gained so much momentum. In reality, you don’t have to obsess with odd numbers or any numbers for that matter. When it comes to scattering cushions and other decorative elements that you want to group, use as many as you want. It really doesn’t matter whether there are 2, 9 or 20 of them; if you find the number satisfactory, there’s nothing else to think about.

You’re decorating your own home and, in that respect, the only rules that you should be following are your own. Obviously, it’s important to know what you want to achieve both looks- and functionality-wise, but that doesn’t mean that you need to let old decorating myths limit your creativity.


 Guest post: Kevin Jefferson

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