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6 Old Home Makeover Ideas

June 10, 2022


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Just because you have bought or inherited an old-fashioned home, doesn’t mean it cannot look sleek and chic. Nowadays, doing a thorough old home revamp represents a real challenge for most homeowners, but it's also a marvelous way to restore a home's old flair and glory. Fixing up a dated house is certainly not an easy task as it would involve getting your hands dirty, but on the other hand, there are numerous ways to redecorate your home without putting too much effort, time, and money into it. Here are some of the sprucing old home makeover ideas that would significantly upscale the look of your home.


  1. Glaze the walls


Invite the modern flair into a dated ambient by painting the walls in a revitalizing hue. One of the easiest and most lucrative makeover ideas includes some DIY paintwork. A new coat of paint can transform the room entirely, and with little investment, you can alter all your interiors by adding some bold colours to your walls to contrast the plain furniture or vice versa. Consider glazing the walls in off-beat white, beige, or some other earthy colours as they are becoming vastly popular nowadays. Later, you can add textures to the walls by using different shades and patterns to create a more sophisticated look

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  1. Secure the interiors


Having in mind that you now own an old house, you must double-check whether it’s perfectly livable. First, you must inspect the entire interior, especially the floors, roof, and walls for any damages, leakages, and similar mishaps. Next, if the home had been empty for long, the chances the isolation is not adequate enough. If necessary, before some other petite makeover, consider double bubble insulation which has two layers of air bubbles enabling double protection and long-lasting insulation. After you have ensured that the old house is perfectly insulated and protected, you can shift your focus on other easy makeover things.


  1. Spice up the living room


One quite easy trick to rejuvenate an old home and brighten it up completely is to refurbish the old furniture. Contrast the dull furniture with fanciful colours, for example. Try buying a sofa with a more vivid texture, opt for a royal blue or velvet purple, or khaki yellow. Old houses tend to have large wooden windows that look classy enough, and if you were to hang lush modern draperies, you would immediately visually alter the common space. Rearranging the furniture is another cool idea for an old home makeover. Mix up the contemporary and old styles in the living room by placing funky cushions, state-of-the-art paintings, adding a patterned rug, swapping monotonous shelves with modern ones, etc.


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  1. Revive the old fireplace


The fireplace acts as a majestic focal point in any room. Even though they are currently not as trendy as they were back in the 1970', with a little bit of sleek renovation and makeover, they can look exquisite.  Call professionals first to inspect the state of the fireplace and clean the chimney even if you are not planning to use it, and then do some extravagant makeover. Place hand-crafted nature-inspired art above it, replace an ornate marble surround, and maybe go with a cast-iron model. Make sure you repaint and spruce it up so it blends with other modern features in an old house.


  1. Add sleek marble or granite accents

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Marble and granite simply exude elegance, and there's no better way to revive the look of an old home than by inserting some marble or granite features and petite accents. If replacing dated floor boards with marble tiles is too costly for you, you can utilize marble in an inexpensive and sophisticated manner by placing natural stone slabs. Nowadays, you can use marble and granite stone in electronic gadgets, lifestyle accessories, toilettes, and many more. For instance, you can replace the worn-out and old gadgets with a modern minimalistic marble wireless charging pad and make the old home look even more bombastic.


  1. Modernize the bathroom

Investing in redecorating and improving a bathroom in an old home is surely the most expensive makeover project, but one of the most durable as well. Start by replacing the old tiles with some more shiny and new ones or you can completely modernize the floors with ceramic or stone tiles. By inserting a new tub, toilet, sink, and faucet or by just replacing dated shower doors you would give your bathroom a fresh new look, and an amazing old home makeover. In the end, place lavish plants and planters to bring nature in. Nature-inspired elements and details can maximally upscale the vibe of any ambient and instantly make a space look more beautiful.


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Reviving an old house can sound like tedious, never-ending work, but by merely incorporating some of the above-mentioned essential alterations, you could get a dazzlingly new viewpoint of an old flair with long-lasting effects.


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