Carrara White (Black Border) Marble iPhone Case

Enjoy the famous Carrara White marble in the palm of your hands without having to add much weight to your iPhone. The Carrara marble is the only stone that's offered in both white and black casings. Each piece is made with genuine marble stone handcrafted to only 0.7mm thick and reinforced with fiberglass to make it shatter proof.


MIKOL is pleased to offer special engraving for your premium case. Engraving names or Initials are $25.00 and will be in gold right below our logo.  Special designs will be determined by our experts.  Please select the engraving option above.

Type: iPhone case

One of a kind

No two cases will ever be fully the same due to the natural marble veins on each piece. Your case will truly be the only one of its kind in the world! 

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Handcrafted goods

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