Ring Protector (Now Available!)

KOL Series silicone rings were created to protect your expensive ring. It's an affordable stylish way to keep your wedding band or any pricy ring from scratches while you workout, sports, handyman work or just anything that may cause blemishes to your ring. 

It is very ideal for those who love to participate in fitness activities, explore the outdoors and get their hands messy. 

We are very hands-on at MIKOL since we produce our natural stones inhouse. At the same time, we also enjoy our fashion accessories. So this was our solution to do what we love and wear what we love.



Silicone rings are expandable. So if you're unsure, it's ok to get something a little smaller and loop it around your ring first.  But the most accurate way would be to take a string and loop it around your finger like the picture to the right. Mark the two ends that meet and measure what size your finger size is needed.

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