5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Cool in Summer

5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Cool in Summer

April 27, 2023

The Philippines has always been famous—or infamous!—for hot summer weather, and the record-breaking temperatures of recent years can send even the most sun-loving people scurrying for cover. Extreme heat can leave you feeling exhausted, uncomfortable, and unable to focus, which are probably among the worst things to feel on a busy workday. And with more people working from home, it’s become especially important to carve out a cool, comfortable workspace for yourself during the summer months.

Whether you’re working out of a dedicated home office, your bedroom, or another part of your house, the following tips can help you stay cool:

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Invest in Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning

Air conditioners have long been considered an almost essential appliance for Filipinos, which is perhaps no surprise given how sweltering our summers can get. Many Pinoys who can afford aircon at home will no doubt run to turn the dials on their AC units all the way up once temperatures start climbing. And while there’s nothing like an aircon for providing you with the deep coolness you crave on a hot day, running it for a long time—and especially for days at a time—is also a surefire way to send your electric bill through the roof.

If the heat inside your home is intense enough to affect your focus and productivity, then your best option is to invest in an energy-saving AC unit to keep your electric bills manageable. An inverter-type air conditioner, for example, is built to automatically adjust its compressor speed once the room has reached the desired temperature. While non-inverter aircons will continue to work just as hard in an already-cool room unless you power them down manually, an inverter aircon will slow down its compressor on its own and thus reduce its power consumption. In the long run, this helpful function can help you cut energy costs by a significant amount.

While inverter AC units may often cost a bit more upfront than traditional, non-inverter aircons, the hefty energy savings they’ll earn you will offset the expense before too long. Plus, you can always buy window type inverter aircon online from a reputable seller in order to secure a competitive price. As long as you purchase your new aircon from the right store, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy fast and energy-efficient cooling without breaking the bank.

Bring in Fans

In addition to a good AC unit, functional electric fans are a must for making it through a Pinoy summer. A ceiling fan is the best possible option for reaching every inch of your room, but a large, oscillating tower fan can work just as well. Fans also provide some soothing white noise that can help you stay calm and focused during the workday.

Unplug Any Inactive Electronics

Computers, televisions, printers, and other electronic devices generate heat and raise the ambient temperature in your home office. The more of these devices you have on at once, the hotter your workspace is going to get. Plus, if you’re running the AC with all these devices on, then your aircon will have to work even harder to cool your room to a comfortable level. Factor in the cost of keeping all those electronics on in the first place, and you could be looking at a hefty electric bill at the end of each month.

Turning off any unnecessary electronics helps you both save energy and keep your home office cool. Furthermore, it’s better if you shut them off at the power source rather than simply hitting the off button on each one. For instance, if you have multiple devices plugged into a power strip, then simply turn off or unplug the whole strip to take care of the problem.

Adjust Your Schedule and Location When Possible

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One of the best things about working remotely is that you can switch up where and sometimes even when you work according to your needs. If your usual workstation gets uncomfortably warm during the summer, for example, you can always move your computer to a darker, shadier spot during the hottest parts of the day. You might even want to take your work outside on breezier days to take advantage of the fresh air.

If you have control over your work hours, you may want to apply the “siesta principle” during the summer. This means scheduling the bulk of your tasks during the cooler hours of the morning and evening and avoiding work during the hottest parts of the day. That way, you can rest during the afternoon and go back to work feeling refreshed.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is important for good health all year round, but it’s especially critical in summertime. Keep a big bottle of water or unsweetened tea on your desk and make sure to drink from it constantly throughout the day.

Another little-known hydration tip that might seem a bit strange at first is to skip the ice. Though iced drinks feel great in the moment, your body will need to work hard to warm up the cold liquid once it enters your system. This process, known as temperature compensation, will only use up more of the precious energy you could be spending on other tasks. Skip the iced drinks in favor of lukewarm tea or moderately chilled water.


Apply the tips above to your own workspace, and you won’t have to dread the coming of the hot months. And once you’ve taken steps to summer-proof your home office, you’ll be able to feel and work your best even as temperatures outside start to soar.

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