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Why You Should Have A Packing Routine When Moving House

November 18, 2023

In terms of big life events, moving house ranks near the top of the most stressful you’ll have to deal with. After all, coordinating a move is tricky, no matter how many times you’ve packed up and got a new set of keys. It’s why you can go online and find so many checklists and timelines that’ll help you to move out smoothly. But the one thing that doesn’t get mentioned often? The fact that you should have a packing routine. Let’s go through the whys down below.   


To Ensure You Get Started on Time

It’s so easy to feel rushed when moving house. You’re up against the clock, trying to get out of the house well before the keys are handed over to the new owners or tenants. But if you’ve got a packing routine to follow, you can eliminate this stress from the get go. 

Pick a date to start packing, around 3 months before you’re due to leave, and you can get the big, bulky stuff out of the way. You can then slowly work your way towards putting the smallest and most useful of items in boxes without ever needing to rush. 

To Prevent Items From Breaking

A packing routine ensures the fragile things get wrapped up properly, put in padded boxes, and strapped into the van they’re being transported by. They don’t just get thrown into any box at the last minute! Combine this with a professional cross country mover and you’re unlikely to deal with any breakages once you’re unloading in the new house. 

To Stop Your Possessions From Getting Lost

Around half of everyone who moves will lose something during the process. If you know where each and every item is, thanks to a self-made inventory of your possessions, a loss is far less likely to happen. A packing routine will allocate time for you to complete one of these. All you need to do is write down the name of each thing you’re packing away, the amount of the item in question, and then note which box they’ve gone into. 

To Keep You in the Flow

Finally, packing up is stressful thanks to the sentiment involved in leaving the house behind. No matter how excited you are to head somewhere new, this property was once your everything. And when you’re slowly working your way through the house and sealing things inside cupboard boxes, that idea can put you off. 

With a packing routine, you can stay on track each and every day without getting overwhelmed. You have a clear checklist to tick off as you go, and you won’t need to do more than your fair share across the 24 hours in front of you. 

If you’re about to move and you’ve not come up with a packing routine, now’s the time to scribble one down. Factor in how long you’ve got, how many rooms you need to tackle, and take a full household inventory as you go. 

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